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How to Create a WordPress Contact Form

How to Create a WordPress Contact Form

Creating a contact form is required for a WordPress website. People will have the convenience to ask you for more information about your products and services through the contact form. A professional answer to “How to create a WordPress contact form?” is available in this article and the whole process doesn’t involve a single line of code.

Why Need a Contact form in WordPress?

First, a common question remains unanswered why do you need a contact form. It is a fact that an email address on your WordPress website also enables people to contact you. But you are more advised to replace your email address with a contact form. Moreover, there is no need for you to worry about the lack of code knowledge. Absolute beginners will benefit a lot from this article.

For your better understanding of the advantages a contact form has over an email address, we list out the top 3 reasons in below.

  • Spam Filter: A contact form can prevent spam bots from flooding your inbox. On a regular basis, spam bots are looking for the mailto: tags and then send plenty of spam emails to inboxes. In sharp contrast, such is not a case with a contact form.
  • Consistent Information: A headache is waiting for you to receive too much unnecessary information. To avoid the situation, it is better to show what information you need with a contact form, for example, a phone number.
  • Time Savings: With a contact form, you can not only showcase the required information but also tell people the next steps. For example, inquires will be answered within 24 hours so that users will wait quite for your responses without sending multiple inquires.

Under the guidance of this article, you are able to create a WordPress contact from like that shown below.

Create Contact Form - Example

Step 1: Choose the Best Contact Form Plugin

You will get half the results with twice the effort with the best contact form plugin. Among the sea of contact form options, you will have trouble identifying which one is best for your WordPress website. In our experience, WPForms should be the first choice for the creation of a contact form in WordPress.

  1. With the provision of a drag & drop builder, WPForms provides users the easiest way to create a contact form.
  2. A free version and a paid one are available for you to choose from. WPForms gives you the possibilities to create a simple or more complex contact form. With the consideration of price and feature, we will take the free version -WPForms Lite- as an example.

Step 2. Install the Plugin in WordPress

After logging into your WordPress dashboard, on the Plugins > Add New page lies a search bar with which you can quickly find WPForms. Then what you need to do is to install and activate the plugin. Here is a detailed guidance on the installation of a WordPress plugin.

Create Contact Form - Install a Plugin

Step 3. Create a Contact Form

A new tab ‘WPForms’ will be added into your WordPress dashboard. Clicking on the WPForms > Add New, you will be redirected to the drag & drop builder. Then you have the freedom to name your contact form and choose from the pre-built form templates.

Create Contact Form - Add New Form

The above example for a contact form results from selecting Simple Contact Form, coming with Name, Email, and Message fields. Relying on a pre-built template can save you much time and energy. You are given the freedom to add, remove, or rearrange them.

Create Contact Form - Simple Contact Form

On the left, WPForms also has many other fields for you to choose from.

Create Contact Form - New Fields

Step 4. Configure Form Notification and Confirmation

What comes after saving the changes to the form are the proper configurations on notification and confirmation.

Form Confirmation can show users the success to submit the form or redirect them to a special page.

Create Contact Form - Form Notification

Form Notification allows you to deal with inquires in a timely manner. Once there is a new form, a notification email will sent to yourself or multiple people for faster response time.

Create Contact Form - Form Confirmation

Customization options are available inside the Settings tab. Of course, you can leave them as default without any special requirements. By default, WPForms will send a Thank You message to users who submit a contact form on your website. And the admin email is the place to receive notifications.

Note: Multiple emails in Send To Email Address area should be separated by comma.

Step 5. Embed WordPress Contact Form in a Page

At this moment, how to embed a contact form in a page is the question which needs to be answered.

There will be an Add Form button when you add a new page or open an existing page. After the click on the button, a contact form can be inserted to the page through the adding of the shortcode in the content. Then save the changes you have made to WordPress.

Create Contact Form - Form Shortcode

Step 6. Create WordPress Contact Form in a Sidebar

There are some instances where you want to showcase a contact form on sidebar or anywhere. In fact, WPForms has a default widget for you to decide where to add your contact form. On the result of Appearance > Widgets, you can drag the WPForms widget into the desired area. Then give the title to the widget, select which form to display, and save your changes.

Create Contact Form - Widget


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