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How to Create Unlimited Free WordPress Test Sites with Poopy.life

How to Create Unlimited Free WordPress Test Sites with Poopy.life

There are many situations when you need to create WordPress test sites. For example, you want to test a plugin or a theme before installing it on your live site, or test some lines of code before adding them to the core files. Developers may also want test sites to debug their products.

While you can find a lot of ways to create WordPress test sites, the easiest should be using Poopy.life, a free service developed by those people behind Oxygen. This service allows you to create as many test sites as you want for free, and it is super easy-to-use. With Poopy.life, you don’t need to deal with the application installation or deletion. And in below, we will introduce this service in detail and show you how to use it.

Why Use Poopy.life?

The wired name of Poopy.life is given because the creators think such a name can help prevent the service to be used commercially by companies. Though the name sounds a little funny, Poopy.life is indeed good-to-use because everyone can create a WordPress test site within a few seconds only. Besides, you don’t have to sign up for an account, so you won’t be bothered by ads or anything else in the future.

For Poopy.life, the following facts are worth attention.

  • Each test site created on Poopy.life is a live site, so the tests run on it are quite effective.
  • Each test site remains active for one week by default and it will be deleted automatically after the time. But you can extend the time as you want if you need a site to be alive for any longer.
  • Each test site has a unique link. Only from the link can you access the site later.
  • Poopy.life doesn’t limit what you can do with a test site.
  • You can create templates for your test sites and share the templates with others.

One thing to note is that there are probably commercial plans of Poopy.life released later, and the service name may be changed.

Create WordPress Test Sites with Poopy.life

Create WordPress Test Sites with Poopy.life

After learning the basic knowledge about Poopy.life, now you can start using it. Since Poopy.life is quite a simple service, we will introduce all the important usages of it in below.

Create a new basic WordPress test site

It is a one-click thing to create a new WordPress site by using Poopy.life. You only need to go to the website, and then click on the “poopy.life/create” link. Waiting for a few seconds, you will get a completely new WordPress install with the login information.

For this site, you can do whatever you like – installing themes, installing plugins, modifying files, changing the settings, or testing any other thing you want.

However, as each site comes with a unique link, you have to remember it, as well as the username and password, or you may not be able to find the site again later. To keep the link, you can either bookmark the page, or copy the login information shown to you and paste it to a local file.

Test Site Login Information

Below the login information which is accessible in the Sandbox menu item, there is a date when the test site will expire. If you want to extend the time, click on the “Add 1 Week” button, so the site will keep alive for one week longer. If you still want one more week, simply click on the button again.

Expire Test Site

Keep track of your test sites with the email command

If you would like to create multiple test sites with Poopy.life, it is a little troublesome for you to bookmark each site or copy/paste the login information. In fact, the service allows you to track each of those sites simply from your inbox because it can send the login details to your email address.

To use this method, you will need the following link when creating a new site.

Email Command

After opening this link, you will get a WordPress test site immediately, and an email with the specific login details will be sent to your email account automatically. To be honest, this method is really convenient.

Email with Login Information

Create a test site template

Besides allowing you to do any tests on the new WordPress test sites, Poopy.life also comes with a feature that enables you to create templates and share them with anyone. The templates are snapshots of your site which keep the then-current changes. Sharing them will enable others to see the site configurations and customizations. This feature is great if you would like to share test results with your team members.

Creating templates is also a one-click task with Poopy.life. In the Sandbox menu item, there is a button called “Create Sandbox Template”. Just click on it, and Poopy.life will take care of all the rest things.

Create Template

When a template is created, you will get a link. Those who you share the link with are able to visit the site. If you make more changes in the future and want to save those changes in the template, click on “Save Sandbox Template” and the changes will be applied automatically.

Template Link

Final Thought

Poopy.life is a great service that is worth a try. With this service, everyone can create unlimited test sites, and if you are skilled enough, you can even use those sites as WordPress staging sites for development.


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