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How to Create the Social Network In WordPress

How to Create the Social Network In WordPress

Due to the ultimate user-friendliness, flexibility and the support from massive plugins, WordPress can be used to set up any kind of online platform with much ease. For instance, you may want a common blog post, a fashion art exhibition, a well-organized photo gallery, an active forum and many more. This time, we’d like to introduce a new trend – create the social network in WordPress.

Frankly speaking, starting and running the self-owned WordPress social network is great for some clubs, interest groups, authorities and even schools. With this special platform, people can easily communicate with those who have the same interests or are within the same niche.

Create the Social Network In WordPress using PeepSo

To create a social network using WordPress, you need the following four items firstly.

  • A well established WordPress site.
  • A properly designed social network theme.
  • A reliable WordPress hosting provider that can handle the activities of all your users.
  • A functional WordPress plugin.

The first three points are easy to be found. As for the last point, we think you can try the PeepSo plugin. This can be viewed as the next-generation social networking plugin for all the WordPress powered websites. With it, you can create the online community and social network that is similar to Facebook easily.

Set Up the Config Settings

Before starting the utilization of this plugin, you need to finish a lot of configuration settings. For instance, you need to control how the posts and comments can be showcased in the Activity Stream. Here, you can determine the maximum size of a single post, decide the number of posts and comments to display on each page, enable the repost feature, hide the activities from all the non-logged in users and many more.

Post and Comment Settings

In addition, you can control all the alerts made by this plugin. Especially, you can enable the alerts when people write a post, comment on a post, like a post, share a post and some others. The template of the email messages can be determined by you.

Notification Emails

Determine the Display of the Social Network

Next, you can move to the Appearance tab. Here, you need to determine the following points mainly.

  • Sort the member listings the way you like.
  • Hide users from the listings if needed.
  • Showcase the real name or the username in the user profile.
  • Allow users to delete, to share and to like the profile pages.
  • Enable the avatars feature.
  • Customize the text on the registration page.
  • Choose the landing page of your social network.

Social Network Display Settings

These are the most basic features. If it is needed, you can also set up some others by clicking the PeepSo > Config button.

Add the Main Links to Form Your Social Network

To set up your social network, you only need to display some main pages on your navigation bar and homepage. Note that these pages are set up automatically since the plugin is installed. They are the pages for user profile, recent activity, registration, member listings and password recovery.

PeepSo Pages

Personally, we recommend you to add the first three pages into your main navigation from the Appearance > Menus part.

This way, the profile page looks like the following.

PeepSo Profile Page

Note that you can control what to display on the profile page by clicking the PeepSo > Profiles button. Here, you can decide the information people need to fill out to introduce themselves.

PeepSo Profile Settings

The recent activity page displays all the latest published information on the social network. And you can publish something directly from this place.

Recent Activities

The registration form looks like the common option.

Registration Form

Add the Plugin Widgets

With the installation of this plugin, there is an exclusive sidebar area reserved for your social network platform only. From it, you can showcase all the latest members, the exclusive profile page, all the online members and the recent comments on your social network.

PeepSo Widgets

Check the example here.

PeepSo Sidebar

Run Your Social Network in WordPress

Now, as the basic structure of the social network is finished, you can run it easily. When people access your site, they will check the homepage that looks like the following sample.

Social Network Homepage

From this page, they can check all the latest updates and activities on this platform and can register an account from the registration page in your navigation bar.

After that, they can publish the posts that are available to the public, to the site members and to themselves only. Even, they can like, share and comment other posts as they do on Facebook.

Manage the Social Network

If you want to check the data of your social network, you can go to the dashboard and click the PeepSo button. Here, from the main dashboard of this plugin, you can know the total number of posts, comments and likes on this platform based on weeks and months, the most recent comments, members and posts, the pending users, the reported items and the clear user demographics.

PeepSo Dashboard

In addition, you can check all your user information and all the platform activities happened on this social network. For this, you need to click the Members button and the Activities button.


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