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How to Create Slideshow in WordPress

How to Create Slideshow in WordPress

WordPress has a boring way to showcase the images and the galleries. To display the images, you can only embed them into the posts and pages in a fixed manner. As for the galleries, people can only open them in a new blank window after hitting the thumbnails. If you are looking for a more active and interesting way, why not consider the adding of the slideshow? In the following, we’d like to introduce how to create slideshow in WordPress.

Create Slideshow in WordPress Using Slideshow Plugin

The powerful Slideshow plugin ensures the easy way to integrate the slideshow for all the WordPress powered websites. With it, any image can be loaded into your wanted slideshow by picking from the media library of the WordPress site. The whole process is easy and fast. If needed, you can also generate as many slideshows as you want, each of which is of different images and customizing styles.

Set Up for Your Slideshow

After the plugin installation, you should click the Slideshows > General Settings button. Here, you can choose the exact user roles that have the permission to add, edit and delete the slideshow as you want. Also, you can enable the lazy loading for the slideshow and decide to locate the stylesheet at the footer or the head location.

Slideshow General Settings

Decide the Default Slideshow Settings

After finishing the general settings, now, you should determine the default slideshow settings. These include 4 main parts – animation settings, display settings, control settings and miscellaneous settings.

  • Animation settings – Here, you can decide the exact animation for the transition between each slide, the seconds for the slide and the description to slide in, along with the seconds for changing the slides.
  • Display settings – From this part, you can determine how many slides can be fit into a single slideshow, the maximum width for the slideshow, the ratio between the width and height and the image behavior. Also, you can decide whether to shrink the slideshow height, enable the responsiveness, display the title and the description and hide the description box or not.
  • Control settings – Next, you should decide whether to slide to the next slide automatically, return to the slideshow beginning after the last slide display, pause the showcase when the mouse hovers over it, enable or hide the navigation button, allow the pagination and the control panel or not.
  • Miscellaneous settings – Now, you can decide to show the loading icon, to randomize the slides and to avoid the filter or not.

By default, this plugin allows two styles for this slideshow – the dark one and the light one. You can apply these settings to any of the style.

Default Slideshow Settings

Customize the Styles

If you have enough coding knowledge, you can customize the stylesheets of these two styles. Or, you can choose to generate the custom one as you like.

Customize Slideshow Styles

Add and Display the New Slideshow

Now, you can hit the Slideshows > Add New button to generate the slideshow. Here, you should give it a name for the easy management and choose the slideshow style. By default, the light style will be chosen.

Add New Slideshow

In addition, you can change the slideshow settings to override the default ones that you have set up previously.

To insert the images, you can move to the Slides List box. Here, you can insert the images, texts and videos as you want. You just need to click the Image Slide button and choose all your wanted images from the media library.

Slides List

After that, you should publish this slideshow. From the Information box, you can get a piece of shortcode that can be pasted into any of your posts. Or, you can go to the Widget section to leverage the Slideshow Widget option. This way, you can showcase your slideshow in the sidebar.


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