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When and How to Create the Popup In WordPress

When and How to Create the Popup In WordPress

The popup can be a controversial component for any website. Some people hate it due to the sudden showcase or the takeover of the whole screen, but others love it for it can achieve the impressive results for any purpose. Personally speaking, the popup is a great website component if you use it in a proper way. In the following, we’d like to introduce when and how to create the popup in WordPress.

It is true that there are a large number of WordPress popup plugins available. This time, we highly recommend the WordPress Popup plugin. This is a powerful popup maker that allows you to generate the 100% responsive and fully customizable popup with much ease.

When to Create the Popup In WordPress

In fact, the component of popup can be used in multiple situations. With it, you can ensure a highlighted and eye-catching section to make people come across whatever you want them to check. In the following, we have listed the common usage of the popup by most webmasters.

  • You can use the popup to advertise a special sale to the target set or a wide range of potential users. As tested, the use of popup can boost your sales to 35% and even more.
  • You can provide an easy process and strong encouragement for the email subscription. This can increase your recurring visitors and keep more loyal users.
  • You can simply redirect people from one page to another page using the popup. This is great to emphasize your essential pages and have more pages to be checked by each visitor.

There is a critical point that the popup will surely distract people’s attention from the current content they are checking. In this case, you have to bear the following three tips when adding the popup to your site, no matter what purpose you have.

  • Never bombard people with a lot of popups. Personally speaking, up to two popups for the whole site is enough.
  • Showcase the popup at the right timing. Generally, it is great to show it after people browse your pages for a while or check a certain website element.
  • Display the popup for the right audiences. For instance, your logged in visitors do not want to see the popup that encourages them to register for an account.

WordPress Popup

How to Create the Popup In WordPress

This time, we think the WordPress Popup plugin is a great tool for the generation of popup in WordPress for any purpose. During the creation process, you do not need to touch any line of coding stuff. Moreover, you have the full freedom to decide the popup style and location, choose your target visitors, embed the preferred popup components and many more.

Choose the Loading Method of the Popup

Before creating the popup, you firstly need to click the Popup > Settings button to choose what you’d like to load your popup. Here, you have three options and you just need to pick up one based on your needs.

  • Page footer – This will include your popup as a component of the HTML of your site.
  • WordPress AJAX – This can load your popup separately via the exclusive AJAX call.
  • Custom AJAX – This simply loads the popup via the custom AJAX front-end call.

Loading Method of the Popup

In addition, you can check the support shortcode displayed on the same page. These codes can be embedded into the popup to display different contents, such as the audio, playlist, gallery and many more.

Create the Popup

Now, you can create the popup simply by clicking the Popup > Add New button. The required options for the popup creation include the popup name and content. Note that the popup name will not be showcased on the front-end, but only on the back-end for the better management.

As for the popup content, you can enter the heading, sub-heading, featured image and the main body section as you wish. Here, the editing screen of the main popup content is the same as that of the common blog post.

Popup Content

In addition, you can add the call-to-action button to the popup. Here, you simply need to enter the button label, button link or the optional link target.

Decide the Appearance of the Popup

If you want, you can change the overall appearance of your popup. This plugin has three default styles for you to choose. If you do not want to use the built-in options, you can choose the custom colors for the popup link, heading, sub-heading, button background and button text. In addition, you can use the custom size with your preferred width and height in pixel.

Even, you can add or hide the rounded corners and allow pages to be scrolled when the popup is displayed.

As for the popup animation, you have tens of options for opening and closing.

Popup Appearance

Choose the Behavior and Conditions for the Popup

Next, you can determine some advanced settings for your popup.

  • Display the popup after how many seconds when people land on your pages.
  • Display or hide the link of “never see the message again”.
  • Refresh, close, or redirect the link after the popup form is submitted.

In addition, you can display the popup based on some specific conditions. For instance, you can show it when people are logged in or have already commented.

Display Conditions

Preview and Publish the Popup

Now, you can click the Save button from the right hand. Note that there is a preview option for you to check how your popup will be displayed. If you are satisfied, you can set the status to Active. This way, the popup is published right away.


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