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How to Create a Photo Gallery in WordPress?

How to Create a Photo Gallery in WordPress?

WordPress is definitely recommended as the most popular blogging platform and CMS. Besides, with the excellent performance, WordPress is also widely used for photo gallery websites. You can use WordPress to display photos in multiple styles, including normal websites, photoblogs or galleries. You can also feel free to customize the presentations and gallery looks as WordPress is along with a variety of plugins and themes. Moreover, you can learn about many more advantages in WordPress is a good choice for photo and image websites.

WordPress is easy to use. However, to some users who are not skillful and technical, it is still complex to handle. We have noticed many users get confused when creating a photo gallery in WordPress. Therefore, we work out this tutorial to guide you create a photo gallery in WordPress site step by step.

Add a Page / Post

At first, you need to create a new page or post for uploading photos. As we want to separate photo galleries from traditional text posts, we create a new page as the sample. Log into your WordPress account, go into the admin panel, click Pages – > Add New, you will be taken to the page of Add New Page which is like the following.

Create a new page

Enter your page name, and optimize the permalink to friendlier to search engines. If you hope to create a new post for the gallery, you can click Posts – > Add New instead, enter your post name and permalink, and click Save Draft button at right.

Uploading Images

Then, you can click the Add Media button to upload files.

add media

For uploading photos, you can choose Create Gallery in the left corner, select upload files from your local computer, or choose photos from the Media Library. Note that the photo size cannot be larger than 8 MB, the small the better, but the premise is to ensure the quality of photos.

We upload photos from the local disk. Click the Select Files button, and select the photos you want to publish in your folder, and click the Open button at last. And then, you just need to wait for the upload process. If you want to upload more than one photo at once, you can press Shift or Tab key when selecting files.

upload files

Ok, all photos have been uploaded already. Just click the bottom Create a new gallery button. But it doesn’t end, you will be linked to the Edit Gallery page.

Insert the Gallery

Once you are on the Edit gallery page, you are able to edit the details of the gallery and photos.

Edit gallery

There are 3 aspects you can modify: Link To, Columns, Random Order. Let’s explain them in detail in the following:

  • Link To: there are two options, Media File and Attachment Page. This option determines the action that takes place when a user clicks on the photo thumbnail. If you choose “Media File”, the user will be taken to a page which who the full size photo. However, if you choose “Attachment Page”, the user will be linked to a page that integrates with your site theme and allows your visitors to comment on the photo.
  • Columns: There are 10 options from 1 to 9 which represents that how many columns of thumbnail photos displayed on the page. The photos are shown from left to the right in a given row.
  • Random Order: if you checked this checkbox, that means you agree display your photos with the default order. If you want to change the order, you can just click and drag the photo to the specific place where you want.

Besides, under the gallery settings, there is a attachment details box where you can edit the photos or even delete a photo permanently. If you want to edit, there are 4 options:

  • Title: The title of the photo and it will display as the page title when someone click the thumbnail. When the mouse sliding over the photo, there will be a white box displays the title┬áto tell visitors something about the photo.
  • Caption: it’s a brief introduction of the photo, and it will be displayed under the thumbnail, and under the photo in the photo page.
  • Alt Text: This is the content you tell the search engines what your photo is. You can add the keyword to make it more friendly to search engines.
  • Description: There, you can write something about your photos, to let your visitors know more about the photo story.

At last, you can simply click the Insert Gallery button to finish it. Now, back to the Edit Page, click the publish button, you can refresh your photo gallery right away.


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