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How to Create an Online Resume with WordPress?

How to Create an Online Resume with WordPress?

create online resume wordpressThis comprehensive and instructive tutorial is written to guide WordPress newbies to build an online resume with WordPress. With these step by step guidance, readers are capable of learning and building an online resume with WordPress easily and efficiently.

With the tremendous popularity of blogging software WordPress, nowadays, creating an online resume has enormous influence on job hunting, especial under the great employment pressure. Besides, there are an increasing number of employers performing online searches to learn more about people with whom they are to engage.

Now, following our instruction, and learn how to create an online resume which helps you stand out in thousands of job hunters.

Step 1. Prepare to Create Your Professional Online Resume

  • 1 Purchase a WordPress hosting
  • 2 Register our domain name
  • 3 Build your own WordPress website

The first thing you need to host your site is a domain. If you don’t have one, then you need a hosting. Get free hosting if you don’t want to spend money. If you want a reliable and budget hosting, JustHost at $2.50/mo is an ideal choice. It features unlimited space, bandwidth, Email accounts and 1 free domain name.

After a domain is set, you need to install WordPress and you are freely to create a resume page in which shows your details information.

Step 2. Enrich the specific content of your online resume.


  • 1 Open your resume with any text editor, paste the content to WordPress.
  • 2 Create an About Me page, and turn it to be your home page. Specific operation is: Dashboard>settings>reading>click on a static page.
  • 3 Add Additional Pages to show your charm. These creative pages include education, achievement, skills, volunteer contribution and detailed contact information.

Next, you need to populate the About Me, Skills, Work Experience pages. The Home page functions as a kind of cover letter whereas the other pages stand for customary sections of your resume.

Step 3. Highlight the unique characteristics of yourself.

This is the crucial part which makes you shine. In addition to the written blog posts which give comprehensive descriptions of your work skills, experience and strength, you can also take advantage of multimedia on your site to promote yourself.

Both vivid videos and photos can showcase your personality and capability. Support by these information, you can have a have a nice shot and impress your employers successfully.

  • Use PowerPoint to create a “pitch deck”, and then upload it to Slideshare, finally embed it in your WordPress website.
  • Record a brief but vivid video to introduce yourself to the visitors.
  • Add your own photos both inside and outside of a professional setting. The more photos of you are displayed, the more the prospective boss can get a better understanding of your charm.

Step 4. Call to action

After you have created the online resume, don’t take is as granted that everything you can do is done. Actually, there is more stuff waiting you to optimize. To be specific, that means to market yourself online, which is the most cool thing in hunting job.call to action

Promote your resume
Once you have finished building your online resume, it is pivotal to remember promoting it. How to realize? Firstly, add it into the contact section of your resume and refers to it in your cover letter. Also, you can add it to your social media, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkdeIn and so on.

Generate traffic to the site
Be helpful to answer some questions from social media. Get them to contact you if they encounter any questions you can settle. Also, you can write a post to answer some questions in your major field. Maybe they will turn to you for help and ask you to do some job for them.


Online resume builds a bridge between you and your prospective boss. With it, you can boost exposure and increase possibility to hunt an ideal job. Want to have a nice try? We recommend you going with JustHost , an affordable option at 2.50/mo with awesome features and amazing technical support.



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