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How to Create a Job Board in WordPress Using WP Job Manager

How to Create a Job Board in WordPress Using WP Job Manager

At present, a job board has been sky-rocketing in popularity as more and more people tend to hunt for new jobs online. Normally, a job board is a kind of employment website where employers post some vacant jobs, position requirements, job descriptions, and job-search advice, etc. Also, it plays as an extra revenue source by allowing employers to charge job seekers for submitting a job posting.

In this case, a job board is of great importance for people who are going to maintain certain service online. At this place, we would like to share the detailed steps and suggestions to create a job board by using a WordPress plugin – WP Job Manager. Now, let’s have a close look at more details as follows.

Why Use WP Job Manager?

As one of the most user-oriented WordPress plugins, WP Job Manger delivers an ultra-simple and quick way for anyone to set up a job board on WordPress site. That means, this plugin works to put your employment website online without dealing with many annoying and complicated CSS or HTML codes.

More importantly, WP Job Manager allows you to create and manage job listings from the dashboard of WordPress, which is fairly intelligible. As for compatibility, this customizable and modernized plugin can work with any WordPress themes and fits site framework well. It is based on developer-friendly short codes and gives full support for custom post type.

WordPress Job Board

How to Create a Job Board by Using WordPress Plugin?

As is noted above, it isn’t intricate to build a job board or employment site in WordPress with the support of WP Job Manager. In the following parts, we will walk you through all needed steps in the whole process.

Install and Activate WP Job Manager
To install WP Job Manager, you can choose to use manual method or automatic installation. Objectively speaking, it is recommendable to choose the latter approach if you are not skilled in scripting codes. To do an automatic install, you can directly login to the backend of WordPress and then install and activate this plugin with least effort. As for the detailed steps, you may refer to this plugin installation tutorial.

To check whether WP Job Manager has been installed and activated successfully, you can follow the root of “Plugins” > “Installed Plugins”. As is showed, you are empowered to “Edit” and “Deactivate” this plugin by clicking the correspondent buttons.

WordPress Job Board

Make Configurations on WP Job Manager
Once installed and activated, you are able to make configurations on WP Job Manager of personal needs. Generally speaking, there are two main setting parts which include “Job Listings” and “Job Submissions”. Scroll down and learn more information.

Customize Job Listings
Let’ start with the mentioned “Job Listings” which displays the basic information the way that jobs are created. As is displayed in the following screenshot, you only need to choose the “Settings” option in the “Job Listings” section.

WordPress Job Board

As you can see, you are able to decide how many jobs will be exhibited on each page, and the default value is usually 10. In the further, you will need to hit the checkbox next to the “Filled Positions” section, if you want to hide the expired job positions.

At the same time, you can enable and create new job categories for readers to choose from by checking the box of “Job Categories”. If done, you will see a new “Job Categories” appear as a sub-option under the “Job Listings” sidebar. To help job seekers select an appropriate category to post their jobs, you will have to create enough job categories as possible.

WordPress Job Board

Select Job Submissions
In the “Job Submissions” bar, you are able to decide how users’ job submissions will be dealt with on your job board. In the “Account Required” section, you can determine whether a visitor needs an account to submit listings. To make your job board site free from spam submissions, you’d better choose to require an account for job submission.

WordPress Job Board

Next, you can also enable or disable account creation to decide whether a non-logged user can make use of their emails to create an account. Plus, you can specify your account role and change the administrative approval for new submissions in the “Account Role” and “Approval Required” sections.

At the bottom of the setting page, you will see the “Listing Duration” section where you can set the number of days that listings are valid before expiring. By default, the expiring day of a job listing is 30. But you can leave this section blank, if you don’t want any job listing to expire. By the way, you can choose the contact methods for job listings in the drop-down menu of “Application Method”. Don’t forget to “Save Changes” at last.

How to Set Up Job Listings Manually?

Having done with basic settings above, you shall build several pages for different sections on your job board. To do so, you can refer to the following short codes and paste them in new pages. Now, let’s begin with creating a new page for jobs as follows.

Add New Job Listings
Here, you should firstly “Add New” page in the “Pages” section. Then, fill in “Jobs” or “Job Listings” in the post title and copy the following short codes in post body. In this way, you can display a well-classified job listing on your WordPress site with the specified job types.


Once done, it’s time to create the first job which is similar to create a new page/post. You should fill in the job title, content and category on the “Add Job” page. In the meantime, you are allowed to make personalized settings in the “Job Data” section, including location, company name, website and logo, etc.

WordPress Job Board

Based on the steps above, we make out a sample job listing which has a total of five job categories by default, including “Freelance”, “Full Time”, “Internship”, “Part Time” and “Temporary”. Of course, you can add new job categories by clicking the link in the “Job Categories” menu.

WordPress Job Board

Create Job Dashboard
Secondly, you shall create a job dashboard on a new page to help job seekers have an overall look at all jobs that they have submitted to your job board site. In details, you should fill in “My Jobs” in the title area and paste the following short code.


In this way, your readers can manage and edit their submissions without having to find out all listing archive.

Create Submission Form
If someone hasn’t logged in, then he/she will be required to register a new account or sign in. If users login into job board site successfully, they will be transferred to the submission form page to post job listings. To create a submission form, you should follow this short code:


Till this step, you have done with all necessary configurations for a job board site. To have a whole control on your job listings, you can choose the “Job Listings” option on the dashboard of WordPress. You are able to edit those published jobs, see expired positions and delete unused job listings by clicking the correspondent pencil icon.

WordPress Job Board

Notes: Apart from the WP Job Manager, there are plenty of job board plugins on the market. You can choose to set up an employment site by using one of them.


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