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How to Create Google+ Brand Page for Your WordPress Site

How to Create Google+ Brand Page for Your WordPress Site

Google gives an official go-ahead to all businesses that customers can create a Google+ brand page to promote the websites. In this article, we introduce the steps of how to create Google+ Brand Page for your WordPress site and explain why to create it.

The Benefits of Google+ Brand Page

The Google+ brand page can help promote your brand or website in the below ways:

1. Get Found Across Google

When the clients search your site on Google, the search results on the right might include related content on your Google+ page, including photos, videos, and posts.

Besides, when people search for your brand on Google, they can get the latest info straight from your Google+ page, on the righthand side of their search results. And when your followers search for information relevant to your brand, content you’ve shared may appear in search.

2. Get Face-to-face with Customers

Wherever your followers are, Google+ brings them together and helps you talk with them, via 10 Way Video Calls in Hangouts. It is easier to connect and talk to people in the worldwide with video calls within customer appreciation events, distributed team gatherings, and feedback sessions. You are allowed to start face-to-face talks with clients and peers with 1-click.

3. Make Social Accountable

The content of your page is the social currency for you, and now it is as easy as ABC to know who is sharing the treasure. The data visualization of Google+ Ripples shows you who’s resharing the posts most of the time, which allows you to identify the followers and to know the way their communities respond the content on your site.

Besides, Google Analytics provides with social reports which present the way that Google+ influences the conversion funnel, the effect of personalized suggestions on your page, and what people come from social networks are paying a visit to your web page to see.

Create Google+ Brand Page for WordPress

Before creating the Google+ Brand Page, you should make sure whether you have a Google+ account already. If you have it, go to Situation A, otherwise go to Situation B.

  • Situation A: If you have a Google+ account already, just sign into your Google+ account, and click Pages in the left menu bar. Then you can see your pages dashboard, and click “Create a page” below to get started.
  • Situation B: If you don’t have a Google+ account, you can go to http://www.google.com/+/business/, then click the “Create a Google+ page” button to begin.

Step 1: Pick Category
No matter you choose Situation A or B, you will arrive at the same page as following, where you need to pick the category of your brand.

Create Google+ Brand Page Step1

As you can see from the screenshot above, there are a few categories to choose. You can create pages for

  1. Native Place or Business, such as restaurants, services, hotels, stores, etc.
  2. Brand or Product, usually includes cares, financial services, apparel, electronics, etc.
  3. Company, Organization or Institution, such as non-profits, companies, institutions, organizations, etc.
  4. Sports, Entertainment or Arts, such as TV, movies, books, music, sports, etc.
  5. Other, pick it if the site doesn’t adapt to the above categories.

For example, our WhatsWP.com is a site designed to help customers find a trusted WordPress host on the basis of the independent WordPress hosting review & rating. It doesn’t fit for any categories above, so we choose the last one – Other.

Step 2: Add Info for Your Google+ Brand Page
The Google+ brand page is your brand home on Google. You can fill detailed information to make more visitors know your brand.

Three are 3 fields you can introduce more about your brand:

  • Name: Which is shown as your brand name
  • Website URL: List your external website if you have one
  • Visitors: Indicate the crowd your content is appropriate for

Create Google+ Brand Page Step2

These fields are not required, you can fill nothing to create a brand, and you can create a page and then refine the information well.

At last, select the checkbox “i agree to the Pages Terms and I am authorized to create this page”. Click Continue Button to go on.

Step 3: Write a Stroy to Introduce Your Brand and Fill the Contact Information

Here, you can write a story to tell visitors more about your brand. If you allow others contact you, you can fill the contact information. Always, detailed description can help customers find you across Google.

Step 4: Customize Your Google+ Brand Page
After creating the page successfully, you can start to customize it. Note that the style of the page needs to match your business. For instance, if your business is about art or sports, then you can put some colorful and energetic elements. If you are going to promote your local restaurant, then simply feel free to showcase some delicious food images.

  • Profile Picture – The profile picture can be regarded as the symbol of your business page, so you need to upload a business-related one with high definition.
  • Cover Photo – An appealing cover photo can increase the attraction and make the page come alive. You can choose from the gallery collection, or upload your own image.
  • Contact Info – You can add your phone number, fax number, e-mail address, or physical address as you wish, helping people contact you easily.
  • Website Link – For online business, people can add the URL of their websites directly.
  • Page Introduction – You can put some attractive words to introduce your page so that people can know whether you are in the same as they.
  • Tagline – By putting up to 10 words that describe your page the best, you can get this page found by Google users easily.

customize page

Get Started

Now, the only task left is to promote this brand page. You can do this the same way as marketing Google+ account . However, always remember that this is a business page, so you’d better avoid publishing some irrelevant posts. Otherwise, people may feel that you are not professional enough.


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