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How to Create a Facebook Brand Page for Your WordPress Site?

How to Create a Facebook Brand Page for Your WordPress Site?

Facebook is recognized as the most used social networking service by worldwide monthly active users, with more than 1000 million registered users and over 750 million active users. It’s undoubtedly that many customers want to promote their WordPress sites via Facebook. So how to make it and drive the huge users of Facebook into our WordPress sites? In this tutorial, we introduce the methods to create Facebook brand page for your WordPress to drive more visitors from Facebook.

The Benefits of Creating Facebook Brand Page For WordPress

Facebook is one of the largest social media networks, allowing users to register, create a website and publish content. At present, it is welcomed by millions of users, and has more than 750 million active users. With the strong interactivity and huge user based, it is a powerful transmission media, and you can get many benefits if you promote your WordPress site on it.

  • For the Facebook powerful interactivity, you can engage and interact with your visitors and fans real-time.
  • With the huge user base of Facebook, it’s quite easy to get thousands of fans for your WordPress, and they will help you advertise your site with no condition.
  • You can easily promote the WordPress site with exponentially increase visibility of your WordPress site as fans tell friends who tell friends and so on.
  • You can easily expose your site and you content to your target visitors everyday, with simple share.
  • It’s easy to position yourself as a recognized expert in your field.
  • It helps to increase your WordPress search engine rankings.

In below part, we come out the detailed tutorial to guide WordPress users to create a custom Facebook page.

Setup a Facebook Page for Your WordPress Site

Go to Facebook.com homepage to choose “Create a Page for a celebrity, band or business”.

Create a Page

You will be linked to the “Create a Page” page, where you are required to choose your brand type. As I create the page for this site, I choose choose “Brand or Product”.

choose brand type

In the next, you need to choose the category for your brand. As I create the page for my site, I select “Website” as the category and enter my site name, selected the checkbox, and click “Get Started” button at last. Note that the brand name requires capitalized the first letter and the rest lowercase.

choose the category

Then, you need have a Page Administrator to manage your Facebook brand page. You can use your personal account or create a new business account. If you choose your personal account to manage the brand page, you are asked to log into your own account, and set up your brand page.

set up your page

If you want to create a new business account, you can make it by finishing the following information.

create a new business account

When you complete this step, you will be taken to the “Admin Panel” page.

Admin Panel

On this page, you can Edit your page, build audience, set the profile picture, add a cover, update page info, publish status, share photos and videos, etc. Overall, you can do everything to promote your page and promote your WordPress site.

Use Facebook Brand Page Plugin

In fact, you can do this easily using WordPress plugin, such as Facebook Page & Comment Integration. It simplifies things between WordPress and Facebook. It allows you to manage all your content in one spot instead of posting in multiple places. It automatically pushes posts from WordPress to associate with Facebook Brand Page or Facebook user’s timeline, and pushes comments made in WordPress to Facebook in real time. If you delete posts or comments on WordPress, it can delete posts or comments on Facebook.

Besides, it helps your visitors register and login on your site with ease. If your readers have Facebook accounts, they can register / login on your site with a single click, for the existing readers, they can sync their Facebook account to their WordPress so they can simply login as well.

Facebook Page & Comment Integration


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