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How to Create and Display a Sticky Post in WordPress Sites

How to Create and Display a Sticky Post in WordPress Sites

Initially established as a simplified blogging tool, WordPress has evolved as a powerful content management system. With various attractive features on the list, it has become the first preference of millions of users. If you are a WordPress blogger, you must be familiar with its basic offerings that include the division of content in the form of post and pages. However, an additional content type is available for you by WordPress that is called the sticky posts.

WordPress Sticky Post


Before understanding the definition of WordPress sticky post, it is essential to have a clear idea about WordPress pages and posts. WordPress post is the most common content posting type as it is availed by millions of users every day. It is a type of content wherein WordPress automatically detects the date on which the post was published on your WordPress site. It filters the posts in chronological order wherein the most recent post is displayed on the top of the list.

On the other hand, WordPress page is not date-sensitive, and the presence of date when the content was published is not found anywhere on the page. Therefore, the pages are not filtered in chronological order but alphabetical or user-defined order.

When it comes to WordPress Sticky Post, it is the mixture of WordPress posts and WordPress pages. It is a post that doesn’t gradually rotate off the main screen with time, but stay on the front page of the website irrespective of the time or date. It is partially regarded as posts in which the date-sensitive filter is absent. The most essential feature of a sticky post is that it is always displayed at the beginning of the first page.

Reasons to Use Sticky Post in WordPress


Being the administrator of your WordPress site, you might have a special preference for content. This content might be your favorite or the most effective one in creating an introductory impact on the visitors. Whatever is the reason, you may desire to make your visitors read a specific article primarily before moving on to other articles. Therefore, the best possible thing is to position it at the top of the front page. Sticky posts make sure that this happens as it doesn’t get bumped down with time. As a result, you succeed in welcoming every visitor with the article of your choice.

As sticky posts do not change their position with date, it is important to create only one or a couple of sticky posts on your blog. Creating too many sticky posts might drive your visitors away from your WordPress site. It is recommendable not to create more than two sticky posts so that the standard posts can be listed on the front page.

Create and Display a Sticky Post


Based on analysis, you can notice that sticky posts are very helpful for online business. So, this tutorial is going to present how to create sticky posts next. In order to be easy to understand, this introduction will be conducted by words and pictures.

First of all, you need to log in the “Dashboard”. Then you can find the function menus available such as Media, Posts and Tools. You should get familiar with all those functions so as to operate more quickly and conveniently. After a glimpse of the dashboard, you should focus on “Posts” because that is where you are going to edit and create your sticky posts. Then you may find “Add New” under “Posts”.

Secondly, you are going to create new posts. Remember that those posts should be important ones which can help to attract visitors, so their content should be appealing and valuable. After editing, you can also add some pictures, tables and charts which would make your posts more vividly.

Create Sticky Posts

Now you are faced with the most important procedure – to make the post sticky. On the right side of the page, you can find the “Publish” section where you can find a menu named “Visibility”. You should click the “Public” Link under “Visibility”.

After that, you may see a check box with some words saying “Stick this post to the front page”. Just click the check box and publish your posts. Then, when you browse that post in the frontend, you can find it showing up in the front page.


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