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How to Create Custom Call to Action Button in WordPress

How to Create Custom Call to Action Button in WordPress

The tutorial is written for those who have the desire to learn how to create a custom call to action button in WordPress. As is known to you, CAT button is an important element of your WordPress site, which calls on your readers to take some actions, for example, to purchase your products. Therefore, it is worthy of your attention if you want to improve your conversion rate.

Since there is not a built-in system which allows you to create a custom CAT button, you need to look for a workaround to get the job done. Indeed, you can either edit your style.css file or take advantage of a plugin. A proper CAT button will help you grab the attention of your visitors and encourage them to take more actions. Thus we also try to give you some tips to create a proper button.

Create Custom Call to Action Button with CSS File

It is never a waste of time to create a child theme when you have to deal with the code. What you need to do is to add the code snippet into the style.css file. If you want to customize the color, size, text, and many more, you can change the code to meet your requirements.

Add CSS Code

At this moment, you can place the button in a place where you want it display on your WordPress site. Just add the below HTML code into your text editor. Certainly, you have a full freedom to decide the URL and button text.

Add HTML Code

Create Custom Call to Action Button with a Plugin

To be honest, you are more advised to use a plugin because it will not threaten to the the security of your WordPress site under normal circumstances. After our test, WP Button Creator Plugin leaves us a deep impression because Photoshop and coding skills are not needed in order to create good-looking CAT buttons.

On the Plugins > Add New page, it is necessary for you to upload the plugin file into your WordPress site. After a click on the “Install Now” and “Activate Plugin”, you will notice a new table “WP Buttons” on the dashboard.

Upload Plugin

Then you need to land on the WP Buttons > Add Buttons page where you are free to decide the sections including Basics, Button Content, Button Text Styles, Button Border Styles, Button Colors, and Button Container. For example, you need to enter the button text and target URL on the Button Content section. In addition, you are advised to check the Open New Window box for a better using experience. On the right side of your screen, you can preview the button along with your changes.

Configure Plugin

When you save the changes, you should navigate to the WP Buttons page where the plugin generates a shortcode for your button. At present, you are able to decide the placement by adding the shortcode like [wpbuttons ids=”2_1″] into your post or page.

Generated Shortcode

Tips for Custom Call to Action Button

There is the need to make the buttons look great in WordPress. Thus the buttons should be created on the basis of some principles. Below are some advice given by our experienced editors.

Tip 1: Be concise and clear

Calling on audience to take immediate action, the button should be straightforward to attract more attention. The words like “Buy Now”, “Join Now”, or “Download Now” should be included into the button.

Tip 2: Be in a good position

Often, the button works perfect at the top of website. If necessary, however, it can repetitive in a page to remind your readers to take the chance. For example, your eBook page is too long to better have audience attention.

Tip 3: Be in proper color and size

Proper color and size are two elements for a great call to action button. With a good design, the button can stand out in a page so that audience will be directly involved in the activation. Bright colors should be selected for the fairly large button. In a word, button design should be in accordance with your webpage.


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