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How to Create Affiliate Programs in WordPress

How to Create Affiliate Programs in WordPress

Due to the great functionality, flexibility and popularity, WordPress now is one of the best platforms for creating your own affiliate programs. Frankly speaking, the affiliate marketing is the most effective method for people to generate the online revenues. With this kind of monetization, you can easily have your products and services promoted and sold. Here, we’d like to introduce the easy-to-carry steps of how to create affiliate programs in WordPress.

By doing so, your site is not the only platform for people to know your offerings. Instead, you can grant the dealership to many other affiliates to better market your items. Upon the agreement, they can sell and promote your offerings in exchange for the special commission. Frankly, starting the affiliate programs makes your life easier for gathering the online profits.

Set Up for the Affiliates Plugin

To create affiliate programs in WordPress, you can find a lot of WordPress affiliate plugins actually. But in this time, we personally recommend you to use the Affiliates plugin. This special tool ensures the advanced affiliate system for online sellers, vendors, bloggers and all the common webmasters. With it, you can start and maintain the affiliate programs out of the box. In addition, this plugin allows you to effectively manage an unlimited number of affiliates and track all your site visits via the affiliate links.

Decide the General Settings

Here, you need to click the Affiliate tab and hit the Settings button. Now, let’s start with the general settings.

From this part, you firstly need to modify the URL parameter of affiliate contents. The recommended parameter is “affiliates” surely. As for the redirection setting, you can allow the redirection to the affiliate destination without the URL parameter. But personally, we do not recommend you to turn on this feature for it may cause some issues.

Next, you need to decide the user permissions. Here, you can grant the rights of accessing and administering the affiliates to some special user roles.

Affiliate General Settings

Enable the Affiliate Registration

Now, you need to enable the affiliate registration. This way, your visitors can sign up with your listed affiliate programs for the easy management.

To set up for it, you should move to the Registration settings page to check the two boxes that allow the registration function and enable the site admin notification when the affiliate is registered.

Here, if people are interested in your program, they need to fill out the registration form, and then, can receive the email messages that contain the account username and password. In this case, you need to determine the fields for this special form for collecting people’s information.

Affiliate Registration

Note that to showcase this form, you need to use the shortcode displayed in the above screenshot.

Generate the Affiliate Page

If you have not set up any page for your affiliate program yet, you can click the Generate button directly for building a default affiliate page. This page contains all the affiliate shortcodes and forms needed.

Affiliate Page

Determine the Referrals Settings

For this part, you firstly need to determine the referral timeout. This indicates the number of days for the validity of a referral. For instance, if you enter the value of 0, this means the referrals can be valid until people close their web browsers. The default timeout value is 30. This means once people enter your product or service page via the affiliate link, the suggested referrals can be valid for 30 days.

In addition, you can also choose to enable the feature of storing the direct referrals. This way, if the sale is made or your site is checked via the search engines but not from your affiliate links, the referrals still can be stored and calculated.

Referrals Settings

If you want, you can also enable the duplicate referrals and the auto-referrals features.

Enable Any Integration If You Want

This plugin enables some integrations that can link your affiliate programs to the third-party membership or e-commerce platforms. This way, you can easily record the commissions for any referred deals and track the registrations for your programs. In this case, you just enable your wanted integrations from this page.

Allow the User Registration Integration

As the basic settings of your affiliate program are set up properly, now, you can enable the built-in plugin feature of User Registration Integration. This feature allows you to grant the commissions to your current affiliates after they refer any new user.

Here, you firstly should tick the checkbox for enabling this kind of integration. After that, you need to enter the fixed amount of commission along with the proper currency.

In addition, the commissions for each referral can be recorded based on the decided status. Here, you can choose the Accepted option, which means the commission can be granted to affiliates without the need to review their referred users. Or, if you want to review the user referral furthermore, you can choose the Pending status.

User Registration Integration

Showcase the Page for Your Affiliate Program

Now, you can directly display the page for your affiliate program. For this, you can use the Affiliate Page Generator from the Page Setting page. With it, this plugin can create your affiliate page automatically and name it as the Affiliate Area.

By default, this special page looks as the following.

Affiliate Login

Here, your potential affiliates are required to login or to register an account for your affiliate program. Note that the default affiliate page might be less attractive and encouraging. In this case, you can edit this page from your back-end to enter much more information and the introduction of your program using the images, videos and convincing words.

After that, people can be redirected to the page that lists their exclusive affiliate links and the corresponding code stuffs that need to be added into their websites. Here, if you use the free version of this plugin, the affiliate link will redirect people to the homepage of your site, but not to the specific product listing page.

Affiliate Links

Another part of this special page will display the performance data for your affiliates. For instance, they can know their total earnings, monthly earnings and referred sales.

Affiliate Performance

Leverage the Plugin Widgets

This plugin also offers two special widgets of Affiliate Contact and Affiliate Registration. The former one is used to be the entry-level tool for the referral. It is especially useful when you want to track who contact you and who check your site via the affiliate links.

The second one is used to encourage the affiliate registration. Note that this widget allows you to add the link or the post ID for your Terms and Service page.

Affiliate Widgets

Manage Your Affiliate Program

Now, you have already set up and started your affiliate program. In this case, you can manage it after waiting for a while.

Manage Your Affiliates

Firstly, you can manage your program affiliates by clicking the Manage Affiliates button. Here, you can check all your affiliates, along with the emails, username, from date and affiliate link. If you want, you can choose to display their exclusive accumulated referrals in total for the better checking.

Manage Affiliates

If you have too many affiliates, you can manage them using the advanced filter. Note that the affiliate information will be stored and created automatically once people have registered your program. Moreover, you can also manually create the new affiliate by clicking the New Affiliate button.

For this, you should enter the affiliate name, email, username and valid period.

New Affiliate

Track Your Visits, Affiliates and Referrals

From the Visits & Referrals part and the Affiliate & Referrals part, you can get the clear data of visits, hits, referrals and ratio generated by your affiliates. With them, you can get the general information of how they perform for your affiliate program.

The difference is that the former one shows the statistics based on date and the latter one is based on affiliate names.

Affiliate & Referrals

Check the Referrals and Totals

If you want to know the total referrals and commissions for each affiliate, you can check the Referrals part and the Totals part.



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