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How to Create a Killing About Me Page in WordPress

How to Create a Killing About Me Page in WordPress

Frankly speaking, the About Me page is one of the most important pages for any website. It acts as a critical vehicle to build trust and reliability. With it, you can easily slap on all your wanted information about yourself. However, the fact is that many webmasters just ignore the importance of the About Me page. Due to this, we’d like to tell you that why this special webpage matters for your site. Also, you can learn how to create a killing About Me page in WordPress in 10 minutes.

Why the About Me Page Matters for Your Site

Actually, if you already have an About Me page on your site, you may find that this special page is one of the most visited pages on your whole site. Even, if you showcase an email registration form or an opt-in form, you can have your email registration and the conversion rate increased effectively.

In fact, most of your visitors come to your site through a special page that is ranked highly for a specific keyword. If they feel that your words are interesting, most of them are likely to know who the author is. Thus, they will bounce to your About Me page.

Due to this common human behavior, we highly recommend you to regard the About Me page as the useful tool to build your positioning and branding in the field. In addition, with the high traffic, this page also helps you lead generation and convert audiences into email subscribers effectively.

How to Create a Killing About Me Page in WordPress

In fact, the creation of the About Me page is really simple. You just need to add a new page, enter the introduction of yourself, upload the needed image, publish this page and place it at the proper location. However, if you want it to bring the maximum benefits, you’d better also follow the below tips.

Locate This Page Obviously

To maximize the effects of the About Me page, you firstly should make sure that people can find it easily. Most webmasters will locate it in the main navigation menu of the website. We also recommend you to do so. Here, you can give it a label like About, About Me or About This Blog.

For doing so, you just need to click the Appearance > Menus button in the admin panel. From the Pages listing on the right side, you can target the About Me page and click the Add to Menu button.

Add to Menu Button

Here, you can hit the arrow of this page to open the context area. And then, you can change the name of the menu tab.

In addition to the menu location, you also can showcase this page on the footer section of your site. Especially, if you showcase the critical information on the footer part such as the contact methods, this display option is great for you.

Use the Attractive Headline for the Introduction

Now, you should concentrate on the content of your About Me page. Surely, you should introduce yourself, telling people who you are and giving them the story of your life. However, this is not exactly what your readers are looking for.

Instead, people are wondering what you can do for them. If you can answer this question on the About Me page, you can get more from this special webpage. This begins with your headline. Most of you call this page as About Me. Surely, you can do this. But you may miss out some opportunities. In the following, we have showcased a good example of About Me page headline.

About Me Headline

The author directly tells you what he can do for you from the headline. After that, he introduces his knowledge and experience in a vivid manner. From the descriptive words, you can easily know what you can get from his website.

Grab the Chances for More Subscribers

With the benefit-driven self-introduction, people are more likely to be your website subscribers. In this case, we highly recommend you to add a sign-up form on this page. Here, we highly suggest the Optin Forms plugin. With it, you can generate and display the stunning form for your About Me page easily.

Here, you firstly need to click the Optin Forms button to select the email solution and the required fields. There are 7 email solutions in total. And you can pick up your wanted one.

Optin Forms Settings

Next, you can generate the form. There are 6 pre-designed forms you can choose. Below the design option, you can preview the form.

Generate Form

In addition, you can customize the following options based on your needs.

  • Style your form – Here, you can decide the color scheme, the label, the font and the input fields of this form.
  • Form options – From this part, you can choose to hide the title, the subtitle, the name field and the disclaimer of the form.
  • Form functionality – You can open the form submission in a totally new window.
  • Form placement – Here, you can decide the exact showcase location of the form and get the display shortcode.

Enrich the Content of the About Me Page

Telling people what they can get from you is surely effective. Besides, you also need to tell more about your own story. This way, the About Me page can deserve the name actually. In this case, do not be afraid to expose a little more information about your personal life, such as your education, family and occupation.

In addition, you can also include the social proof into the About Me page, which helps people build the trust on you easily.


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