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cPanel Web Hosting | What Are The Features & Benefits?

cPanel Web Hosting | What Are The Features & Benefits?

cPanel is the most popular web based control panel that widely used as the favorite default control panel of most hosting companies. It comes with the understandable interface and user friendly design, is popular for the ability to manage all the functions of the hosting account with ease. So, how about the cPanel web hosting? What are the main benefits of cPanel web hosting? Let’s learn about them in below part.

About cPanel & cPanel Web Hosting

cPanel is a UNIX web based control panel that offers easy to use and powerful tools to allow users quickly and easily handle the hosting accounts and websites. It provides full control to users to manage a large number of functions and streamline the process such as file management, database administrator, email and software configurations, settings and security, etc.

The cPanel web hosting uses cPanel as their default control panel so that users can manage their hosting account, setup and control their site quite easily. With plenty of useful and user-friendly features and functions, cPanel web hosting has become the most welcomed web hosting option, serving millions of websites worldwide.

After reviewed hundreds of web hosting packages, we ranked the best cPanel hosting in the following list. All of them are using cPanel as control panel and coming with affordable price, and officially recommended by cPanel Inc. You can check out their reviews, or visit their homepage for more information.

cPanel Web Hosting Features

By using cPanel as the control panel, cPanel web hosting comes with the powerful features as following, which make the hosting management as a piece of cake.

  • Disk space and monthly bandwidth allocation
  • Mail management like auto sending, auto responding and email verification
  • Database administration and management
  • Management for files, FTP and backupr

cPanel Web Hosting Benefits

cPanel web hostingWith about useful features, cPanel web hosting comes with multiple benefits for users. Going with cPanel web hosting, users can have an easy management of the website and web hosting account, even if for someone who is newbie or beginner, he can handle the process extremely easy.

  1. cPanel is simple to install, only needs the Linux system environment with a minimum of 266 MHZ, at least 512 MG RAM and at least 10 GB available disk space. In general, unless you are using a dedicated server, you don’t need to worry about these requirements; the cPanel web hosting has prepared everything ok and installed cPanel already.
  2. cPanel is very easy to handle. The interface is intuitive and graphical, friendly and conveniently to users so that even a new user can experience it without many technical knowledge or skills.
  3. cPanel comes with a large number of efficient features and functions as above mentioned that allows users manage their hosting accounts and websites with ease. It allows users to choose from an array of features not exposed with other web panels. Users can automatically upgrade to MySQL, Apache and PHP, customize some notifications based on your needs and backup the data of the website helpfully.
  4. cPanel can integrate with Fantastico to allow users to install a group of ready to use free scripts. Fantastico is a 1-click auto installer which supports 50+ open source programs scripts. With this features, users, specially the website beginners, can setup websites and manage applications with few simple clicks.
  5. cPanel supports multiple websites, domains, sub-domains, and add-on domains, very convenient for users who have multiple websites.
  6. cPanel comes with three-level structures which improve the management security. Besides, it also provides Password protect directories to restrict to certain parts of your websites, allows you to manage SSL/TLS keys, certificates and signing requests, and connects to server remotely.

These are the most highlighted benefits of cPanel web hosting, and it has more advantages in detail. Going with a cPanel hosting, you can experience all these benefits and start managing your hosting account and website with quite easily and quickly.


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