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What Is Cornerstone Articles - Tips to Benefit Your WordPress Website

What Is Cornerstone Articles – Tips to Benefit Your WordPress Website

Have you ever installed the Yoast SEO plugin into your WordPress site for the better search engine optimization? If so, you must have found the new feature of cornerstone content since April 2017. Feel confused of it? Here, we have come out a detailed guidance about this feature. Thus, you can know what the cornerstone article is, what benefits you can get and how to pick up the suitable posts to be your cornerstone content.

Especially, considering WordPress is a great blogging platform, the deciding of cornerstone articles can build your website with your wanted structure and sections.

What Cornerstone Articles Is

The cornerstone articles can be viewed as the core and hub for your narrowly focused blog posts. This kind of web content is always comprehensive and in-depth, which is the foundation of many other articles.

In the most cases, the cornerstone articles can easily and directly reflect your business or website missions. And also, they should have a high hierarchy in the overall structure of your website. For instance, these are the posts that your homepage will have the direct linking.

In the following, we have listed some obvious features of the common cornerstone articles.

  • A page instead of a blog post – Instead of being a detailed blog post, the cornerstone content must be a content page that contains the wide and broad information.
  • Regular update – This special page needs to be timeless, along with the regular update for the new information.
  • Long paragraph – In the most cases, the cornerstone articles should have the lengthy paragraphs.
  • Link hub – The inside link building is important for website SEO and overall optimization. In this case, the cornerstone articles should be the ones you want to link back when coming out the new contents.
  • High traffic keywords – You should make sure that the cornerstone articles are the base of your whole site. In this case, you need to include the critical keywords that have the high search volumes.

Cornerstone Articles

The Benefits You Can Get from the Cornerstone Articles

In fact, the use of cornerstone articles is a great SEO tactic. This is why Yoast SEO enables it as the new feature. With these pages, you can easily rank your competitive contents highly in the SERPs. In the most cases, when searching for a competitive keyword, especially the long-tail keyword, the cornerstone articles are usually ranked at the top location. We have summarized some reasons as why Google prefer these contents better.

  • The cornerstones articles are always the long articles that have the detailed information. And also, search engines are more likely to rank this kind of articles higher than the short ones.
  • It is possible that your peer bloggers will link your cornerstones to their websites as the reference. This can improve the weight of your site on the Internet.
  • In addition, while the cornerstone articles will be linked to many of your blog posts, this is better for your search engine optimization surely.

How to Choose the Proper Cornerstone Articles

After learning what you can get from the cornerstone articles, now, you must want to know which articles are the cornerstone ones. Generally, you should have around 5 cornerstone articles for your site. In the following, we have listed some tips for the proper selection.

  • The cornerstone articles should have the broad and essential topics. And in the meanwhile, they should be able to solve the problems directly for your most readers.
  • You need to choose the articles that use the high-volume and high-traffic keywords with the proper keyword density.
  • Instead of choosing the narrow and deep blog posts, you should select the comprehensive articles.

Enable the Cornerstone Articles in WordPress Sites

The easiest way to enable this special feature is to use the Yoast SEO plugin. You just need to pick up your target article and enter the editing screen. In the Yoast SEO meta box, you can click the “This article is cornerstone article” box. And then, this plugin will handle the rest tasks.

Yoast SEO Cornerstone Articles


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