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How to Control WordPress Contacts for the Better Management

How to Control WordPress Contacts for the Better Management

When running a website, you may have a list of contacts there and here. You may get them from the email service provider. Or, they might be your potential and current customers. No matter what the situation is, you should control and manage them effectively. In this case, we’d like to introduce how to control WordPress contacts for the better management in the following. So you can easily share, manage, track and log them with much ease.

The most effective way for the contacts controlling is to utilize the WordPress plugin. Here, we highly recommend the UkuuPeople plugin. With it, you can manage all the human relationships with your site elegantly. Also, it allows you to track the relationship activities with the exclusive TouchPoints. You can regard it as the easiest CRM WordPress tool. Now, you can check the following to learn the detailed steps of how to use it.

Finish the Settings of TouchPoint Types

Upon the plugin installation, you should enter the settings page of this plugin by hitting the Contacts > Settings button. To begin with, you need to decide the TouchPoint types. This area allows you to add and delete some certain types of TouchPoint, such as the contact form, calls, meetings and many more. In this case, when you add the new TouchPoint in the later stage, you can choose the type of touch easily.

TouchPoint Types

Add the New Tribe and People Tags

The tribe category allows you to group all your relationships into different categories for any email blast and report. If your website works with MailChimp, this feature is really helpful.

The People Tags category is another way to divide your contacts into different groups. However, the difference is that the Tags category is more incidental as compared with the Tribe one.

New Tribe and People Tags

Control Your Contacts and People

After the plugin settings, you can move to the People area to manage all your contacts and people. Here, you can store the information of your contacts by importing the data or by the manual entry. In addition, you can sort them based on Organizations and Individuals, or, you can group them into Tribes for the mailing blasts.

For this, you simply need to click the UkuuPeople > People button. Thus, you can see all your contacts easily.

UkuuPeople People

If you want to add new people, you should click the Add New button and choose to add the new human or the new organization.

Add New People

In the next page, you need to edit the contact information, including the name, email, phone, website link, personal image, job title, birthday, Twitter account and Facebook account. If you want, you can also enter the physical contact address.

In addition, you also should edit some privacy settings. For instance, you want to contact the people by phone, email or SMS. Also, you should decide whether to send the bulk mailing to them.

From the right hand, you can pick up the proper Tribe or People Tag.

Privacy Settings

Thus, when you check the information of your contacts, you can have a clear view just like the following screenshot.

Contact Information

Add the TouchPoint for Each Contact

This area allows you to manage and check the ongoing interactions with all your contacts. For instance, you can know whether you have the meeting scheduled with some of them, what you have discussed with them on the phone and whether you have sent the important email messages to some contacts.

TouchPoint Listing

If you want to add the new touchpoint, you can click the Add New button and enter the description of it. You should provide the short description, choose the TouchPoint type, enter the start date and the end date, choose the activity status, provide the activity details, upload the critical files and assign the task to someone.

Add New TouchPoint

Here, the combination of the Scheduled status and the Assigned To feature is great for some multi-member website. Also, the status can be updated whenever you want, informing you that the task is completed or is cancelled.

In addition, you can also go to the People section to find your target contact for adding the TouchPoint. Here, you just need to edit your target contact and hit the Add TouchPoint button.

Add Opportunities for Organizations

If your contacts are the human beings, you can only add the TouchPoint. However, if they are some organizations, you can add the opportunities to track the pending and the potential transactions. For this, you simply need to find your target organization from the People section and click the Add Opportunity button.

Next, you should enter the opportunity details, such as the title, the detailed introduction, the status and the sales person who is assigned to this task. Also, you can provide the additional information, including the dollar amount, the due date and the attachments.

Add Opportunities

Keep Track of Your Contacts

After adding the People information, the exact TouchPoint and the Opportunity, now, you can keep track of your contacts. This plugin has the quick dashlets that can be found from your WordPress dashboard. From it, you can check the information you need easily.

UkuuPeople Dashlet


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