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8 Content Types to Drive More Traffic to WordPress Blogs

8 Content Types to Drive More Traffic to WordPress Blogs

Everyone knows that content is the king. In this case, you may have already paid much attention when writing down the words. However, the result is that you still fail to get enough audiences like your competitors or as you have expected. This might because that you do not come out the right content types. After all, the basic blog can hardly grab people’s attention. In the following, we have listed the top 8 content types to drive more traffic to WordPress blogs.

Option 1 – Lists

As researched online, the articles that use the words of “top”, “best”, “types”, “options” and the likewise selections in the headlines are more likely to be checked. After all, people like lists, for they can get the main points easily from this kind of content.

To come out the list posts, you firstly need to pick up the proper content topic. It needs to be something your audiences have the interests. Then, you can start writing by mentioning the tip 1,2,3,4……

In addition, there is an advanced option of Expanded List Post. If you use this content type, you can showcase a list of links to better explain your main topic. Frankly speaking, this option is good for the link building of your website.

Expanded List Post

Option 2 – Video

The video content is really enticing and tempting. This kind of content can always get your readers focused and engaged while they just need to do nothing. As surveyed, the information conveyed by this content type is more memorable than that conveyed by words or images.

Before showcasing the video contents, you can record one on your own or simply use the existing video from the reliable resource platforms like YouTube and Vimeo. And then, you just need to paste the URL into the WordPress editing screen of your target page. WordPress will read the link and display a media player automatically.

Or, you can make use of the WordPress video players that can display your videos in a responsive manner or via the playlist.

WordPress video

Option 3 – How-To Tutorials

In fact, most people check your content for learning something. In this case, the how-to posts or tutorials are more likely to be the searching targets of your audiences and are more likely to bring you the organic traffic.

To write down an effective how-to post, you should firstly figure out what problems your audiences want to deal with. And then, you can discuss the troubleshooting using your knowledge.

Note that the pure words may not be enough for explaining the tutorials clearly. The HD screenshots are also important.

Option 4 – Infographics

People like the visual items instead of reading the words. In this case, you can generate the infographics that can take and display the information in a totally different way. In addition, the infographics posts can get more share chances than the standard blog posts.

You can create the infographics on your own or use some service providers like Visual.ly. Here, we have listed some tips in the following for the generation of this kind of content.

  • The fonts should come with the proper size and style.
  • The color contrast between the words and the background should be clear and won’t cause the eye-strain.
  • You should split the infographics into multiple parts to better showcase the contents.
  • The words on the infographics should be concise and the images should be clear.
  • You can use the colorful items to optimize the infographics.


Option 5 – Interview

No matter which fields or niches you are in, you must know who the industry leaders are. In this case, if you can interview these influential people and showcase the interview contents, you can attract a lot of audiences. Do not know how to carry out the interview? You can follow up the below steps.

  • Find the right interviewee in the very beginning. The people should be professional and gain the popularity or authority in your fields.
  • Contact them to see whether you can interview them.
  • Conduct the interview by asking your questions and letting them answer.
  • Record the questions and answers clearly for showing to your audiences. Or, you can record the interview and upload the video directly if you get the permission from the interviewee.

For the sake of the content quality and your interviewee’s mood, you’d better not to make the interview too long. Generally, 10 minutes are enough for a standard interview.

Option 6 – Review

The review posts are unavoidable no matter which niche you are in. And also, people love this kind of post for they can get some recommendations and suggestions before trying some services or ordering something.

In this case, if you are familiar with the targets and have your own valuable suggestions, you can come out the review posts.


Option 7 – Roundup Posts

The roundup post is great for both your loyal readers and newcomers to know the best content displayed on your website during a specific period. This kind of content can deliver plenty of useful information just in one article.

There are two types of roundup posts used by webmasters commonly. The first one is based on time. You can create the weekly roundup or the monthly roundup to summarize your best articles. The second one is based on topics. You can pick up a suitable topic and start searching the related contents.

Option 8 – Case Study

This content type is not suitable for all the websites. However, if you promote or sell something, the case study is good to try. Generally, the case study includes who the users are, their purposes, the issues they have met and the benefits they have got. You can write it as a story rather than sounding like the marketing.

Note that we have already introduced how to create a case study in WordPress.


Susan Rose is a freelance writer who has a deep knowledge about WordPress. She loves everything related to website building since the freshman year at Christopher Newport University, and loves to share her experience with people all over all the world. In the daily life, Susan loves detective novels as it can train her logical thinking and creativity.