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How to Configure and Customize WordPress Audio Player with Ease?

How to Configure and Customize WordPress Audio Player with Ease?

WordPress Audio player can help you in selling your services by using audio techniques. If you are a musician and want to sell your music or you are a storyteller who wants to use audio to tell your stories, then this audio player of WordPress is surely going to do magic for you.

WordPress contains an in-built media player in it, helping the users in adding video and audio files in their blogs easily. If you are a beginner and you want to configure and customize WordPress audio player, then you need to read this article. It is definitely going to help you in learning more about the utilization of audio and teach you how to customize the audio player of WordPress.

Installation and Usage of WordPress Audio Player

Here are some steps involved in the installation and usage of WordPress audio player:

  • First of all, download the zip file.
  • Now extract and upload these files to the server. You only need to upload two files only i.e. audio-player.js and player.swf files on the server.
  • You have to incorporate audio-player.js file in the HEAD section of the page of HTML.
  • You can set up the audio player in the HEAD section. Width is the only required option in this case.
  • Now, place an element of HTML in order to insert an audio player in the page. Also, give a unique ID to this element.
    insert audio player
  • This element is going to get replaced with the player. In case the browser does not provide support to the audio player, then this element is not going to get replaced. Therefore, you must utilize it for showing some alternative content. You may see a message that tells you to download a Flash player.
  • Now you have to insert the tag of scripts after the elements.

Different Options for Playback

wordpress audio player musicWordPress makes use of different shortcodes for the configuration of WordPress audio player. These shortcodes help you in making the entire process simple and easier. Here are some options for the playback of WordPress audio player. You can use these shortcodes for doing the required work on WordPress


You need to utilize certain shortcodes for configuring and customizing WordPress audio player. The shortcode “audio” can help you in getting some options for playing the audio.

The shortcode “src” is considered to be an optional choice, but is suitable if you have multiple browsers for support. The kinds of shortcodes that can allow you to fall back in case a browser cannot provide support to the kinds of audio include mp3, ogg, mp4, wma and wav.


It is an option that automatically loops the playback of existing files. This option gets turned off by default. In case you loop the audio playback, it is going to annoy you. So, you must avoid using it.


Many people rarely want to auto-play the audio when they visit some specific pages on the web. This option also gets turned off by default.


Some people may also want to pre-load the audio in some cases. WordPress provides its users with different options that can be used for the purpose. The shortcode “none” does not load at the time when the page loads. The shortcode “auto” is going to load the audio when the page opens. “Metadata” is a shortcode that loads when the page gets loaded.

How to Add Audio to a Post?

You can also create a new post with an audio file within it with the help of WordPress. The process of incorporating an audio in the WordPress blog post is simple. In case you want to add audio file, you simply have to incorporate it in the media library. However, you are going to see a new menu for selecting the kind of audio file you want to upload. Once the audio is inserted, you can easily create your blog post and tune it with an audio file. The process of adding audio file is very easy that can be done by even beginners.

add audio to post

In addition, you can also add any link from your website to an outside file of audio. You can either upload m4a, mp2, wav or ogg file to the third party servers and then link these files to it with the help of shortcodes. In case you find out an audio somewhere else on the web, you simply have to copy its URL.

All you need to do is to enter the shortcode at the back of your site. The shortcode options have been explained in the above article. One good example of the process is this.

You can also create playlists on WordPress for uploading a specific audio file in your blog posts. Now, you can tune up your blog posts with amazing audio files using the WordPress audio player.


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