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Concrete5 VS WordPress - Selecting Your CMS

Concrete5 VS WordPress – Selecting Your CMS

As a matter of fact, Concrete5 and WordPress are both reliable and trustworthy content management systems. Therefore it becomes difficult to make a choice between them. Under this condition, we have carefully listed merits and demerits of both software and make a simple comparison between them. We hope that you can find a suitable one when finishing reading.

The Pros and Cons of Concrete5

Concret5 is an open source platform based on PHP5 and MySQL database. It can be used to build any kinds of websites such as online magazine and newspapers, eCommerce sites, government websites, community-based portals, as well as personal and family websites. Concrete5 makes it easy to manage and control a website with its own community and forms, hosting and enterprise solutions.



  • Easy of Use – Knowing that usability is the main factor to decide whether a CMS is good or not. Concrete5’s dashboard provides you with everything you want to edit and publish a post. For instance, the composer and file manager allow you to create and edit articles; a report section helps statistics and analysis.
  • In-page Editing – Different from other CMSs that only allow users to edit and modify posts on the dashboard, Conrete5 makes edit post on the page available. With in-page editing, the whole content compiling process is easy and time-saving.
  • Customization – This company achieves a good balance between customization and abstraction. There are applications you can install and extend the functionality and self-design permission that allows users to design websites as they wish.
  • Free – This software is totally free of download. The company offers free customer service and some free plugins. Everyone can get it from its official website.


  • Limited Addons – When it comes to C5, users can list an obvious drawback that is the company offers limited addons. Although it can be written, many newbies feel difficult to handle the whole process. This practice builds obstacles for web design and promotion.
  • Small Community – There aren’t many active members on its forum yet. As a result, it is hard for users to find effective solutions on its community.

The Pros and Cons of WordPress

WordPress is also based on PHP and MySQL database. It is the most popular and credible software to build websites, especially personal blogs. Besides, just like concrete5, the software is also open source that means people can use it for free.



  • Popularity – Undoubtedly, WordPress is the most welcomed content management system and now, millions of webmasters are using it to manage their websites.
  • Usability – WordPress is intuitive and easy to setup a blog or website, even for those who don’t have many experiences. Besides, it offers a graphical interface, with which webmasters can create and publish posts easily.
  • Search Engine Friendly – WordPress puts much importance on SEO knowing that it is essential for website promotion. It offers numerous plugin in this regard and with them, users can get a good ranking record on search engines.
  • Large community – For the fact that WordPress comes with a large number of users, its community is extremely huge filled with both new comers and webmasters. They do a great job in helping with each other through community support forums and discussion boards.
  • Plenty of Plugins – WordPress offers countless plugins and themes that are easy to use and control. Users can download them for free. With these plugins, building a custom and unique website isn’t a hard task anymore.



  • Edit Only on Dashboard – WordPress users can only edit and modify their posts on the dashboard rather than on the page. If you find a mistake on the page and you want to correct it, then, you must back to the dashboard, find the post, and then correct it. The whole process is really troublesome.
  • Under GNU License – This CMS is licensed under GNU General Public License v2.0 which only allows users to use codes that are under GPLv2.0 license.

Concrete5 VS WordPress

In conclusion, both Concrete5 and WordPress are outstanding and reputable CMSs, however, both of them have strengths and drawbacks. Concrete5 is good at websites’ content management while WordPress does better on blogs. WordPress has a long history and a large share in the market while Concrete5 comes with a big jump. Choose according to your appetite.

Recommended Hosting Providers

No matter which CMS you are going to choose, you need a budget-friendly and credible web hosting provider. Therefore, we list several reputable web hosts in the following. Note that all of them can support both CMSs.


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