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How to Enable Comment Redirect in WordPress for the Better Conversion Rate

How to Enable Comment Redirect in WordPress for the Better Conversion Rate

There is no need to emphasize the importance of the comment section. From it, you can easily know how your audiences regard your contents and can communicate with them easily. Previously, we have already introduced some comment related tips, such as the prevention of comment spam and the increase of comment numbers. This time, we’d like to tell you how to enable comment redirect in WordPress for the better conversion rate.

By default, WordPress retains people in the same page after they leave the comment words. But personally, we recommend you to redirect them to another page of your website. This page can be your Thank You page, the homepage, the email registration page or the webpage introducing your new activities. This is a great way to increase the conversion rate of your site or expose your main content.

Method 1 – Yoast Comment Hacks

To achieve the comment redirect in WordPress, you can make use of the Yoast Comment Hacks plugin. This special tool allows you to manage your comments in a more systematic and easier way. For instance, you can clean the comment notification emails, disable comments below the fixed length and redirect the first-time commenters to a special webpage as you like.

Here, you simply need to click the Settings > Comment Hacks button after the installation. And then, you need to hit the Comment Redirect button. From this screen, you should select a webpage that your first-time audiences should be redirected to after leaving the comments.

Yoast Comment Hacks

Method 2 – Comment Redirect

You can also choose to use the Comment Redirect plugin. With it, you can easily redirect people who make their first comment to any of your webpage. To use this plugin, there is no further configuration needed. Instead, you just need to click the Plugins > Comment Redirect button. And then, you can choose your preferred webpage for redirection.

Comment Redirect


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