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CloudLinux Announces KernelCare for Rebootless Kernel Update

CloudLinux Announces KernelCare for Rebootless Kernel Update

In order to increase uptime and improve the level of server security, CloudLinux now announces the availability of KernelCare that can allow a rebootless kernel update service. This technology can be free of charge until May 2014, and is available for CloudLinux, CentOS and RedHat kernels. It will be added into other platforms soon.

CloudLinuxIn fact, updating the kernel system is very important to avoid security issues and potential vulnerabilities. As researched, however, many system administrators or server owners are unwilling to implement this update practice. This is because they have to reboot the server for kernel updating, which leads to website downtime for hours or even days. In this circumstance, many people tend to update the system only months a time or even years.

With KernelCare technology, however, people don’t need to worry about this problem and can patch the kernal lively, no restart of the web servers. In addition, it can generate complicated kernel modifications with the binary patches, such as the modifications in plugins. This highlight allows server owners to ignore the kernel updates.

About CloudLinux

Established since 2009 in Princeton, NJ, the company of CloudLinux offers a Linux operating system for shared hosting providers with 100+ data centers, 20,000+ servers, and 5 years of development. At present, CloudLinux can be regarded as one of the best commercially supported OS, for it can improve stability and security on servers, optimize the use of each server, improve server density, improve the profit per physical server, and reduce support costs. This is why many award-winning and famous web hosting companies like A2Hosting include the CloudLinux technology into the hosting packages.


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