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CloudFlare VS MaxCDN - Which Is Better for Speeding Up WordPress?

CloudFlare VS MaxCDN – Which Is Better for Speeding Up WordPress?

This tutorial compares CloudFlare VS MaxCDN comprehensively, according to the price, ease of use, performance and reliability, to help webmasters choose the right CDN service to boost their website performance.

CloudFlare and MaxCDN are two of the most famous CDN service used by a large numbers of WordPress websites. They are quality content delivery networks used by many content management systems like WordPress, Joomla, Vbulletin and other CMSs. In this article, we mainly introduce their performance for speeding up WordPress websites. You can learn about the detailed information as the following.

CloudFlare Overview

CloudFlareCloudFlare is a superb content delivery network that protects websites worldwide for both free and commercial. Once your website is a part of the community, it automatically optimizes the speed of your web pages delivering so that your visitors can get a fast speed and the peak performance.

MaxCDN Overview

MaxCDNMaxCDN is the other content delivery network which provides a global network of servers to cache the content of your website and increase the speed. It mainly provides 6 features for CMSs, advertising companies and gaming companies. No matter you run a personal blog or powerful enterprise website, MaxCDN can provide a suitable product to serve your website. In below, you can learn about it in details.

  • EdgeCaching allows users to handle the traffic directly.
  • The MaxCDN EdgeRules allows a ful controll over servers.
  • EdgeSSL allows you to handle secure traffic directly from the edge.
  • MaxCDN’s EdgeSecurity decides and detects the visiting for the secured resource.
  • The MaxCDN RESTFUL API allows interact between the applications and third parties.

Price & Features

When choosing a suitable CDN service, the price is always the top concern. For beginners, they don’t need to worry about this because CloudFlare provides a free service. For no cost, customers are available to access CloudFlare free services which feature with fast site performance, broad security protection, and powerful stats about your visitors.

For customers who need premium service, they can go with CloudFlare Pro ($20/mo for the first website, and $5/mo for the subsequent website), Business ($200/mo for each website) and Enterprise (starting at $3000/mo) plans.

MaxCDN is also affordable. No free package, it provides 4 plans starting from $9/mo $499/mo. Additionally, if customers pay for the yearly billing cycle at once, they can get 2 months for free. Besides, MaxCDN provides 30 day money back guarantee to ensure its service so that the purchase can be completely worry free.


The network is crucial to deliver your website content in a super fast speed. CloudFlare global network is powered by 23 data centers around the world. So it has full ability to route your website traffic fast. On average, a website on CloudFlare has 60% fewer requests and loads twice fast. Besides, the website can save 60% bandwidth and always keep secure. Overall, you can feel free to choose CloudFlare to improve your website performance.

At the meantime, MaxCDN also utilizes robust network to back up your website. In addition to the fast network, MaxCDN is integrated with advanced partners to ensure fast speed.


Both CloudFlare and MaxCDN provide superb CDN service to improve websites performance. However, if you are a website beginner or running a personal website, we suggest you going with CloudFlare because it offers free package. Moreover, some famous CloudFlare CDN hosting integrates CloudFlare into their control panel so that you can access to this service easily.


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