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WordPress Themes: How to Choose the Right Theme For WordPress Sites?

WordPress Themes: How to Choose the Right Theme For WordPress Sites?

WordPress is the most popular content management system that is widely used by over 65% of websites all over the global. It is flexible and powerful. And users can simply change the themes and customize a WordPress website with a variety of stylish appearances for any kind of websites. Choosing the right theme for your WordPress websites is quite important to run a WordPress-powered website. That is because a good theme gives your visitors a good impression at first, and helps your website to be friendly to search engines. However, as there are thousands of WordPress themes available, how to choose the right one for your WordPress sites?

Honestly speaking, the easiest way is following the best WordPress theme recommendations which are thoroughly reviewed by existing customers and professional editors. Actually, we also come out a series of best WordPress themes collections after reviewed hundreds of WordPress themes.

If you cannot pick up a right theme from the collections, you can go with the best WordPress themes providers like Elegant Themes, or follow the below tutorial which introduces the guidelines for choosing a suitable WordPress theme for you websites.

Related to Your Industry

It’s essentially important to choose a theme that relates to your industry, businesses, products, or services. So visitors can learn about what your website is about once customers see your website in the first sight. For example, if you are running a blog website, you can choose a theme that is relevant to your blog topic. If you have a wedding website, you would better choose the theme that with a large gallery instead of text box. In a word, you should choose a theme related to your industry and make visitors know your website directly.


choose right theme budgetAlthough there are a lot of free WordPress themes you can choose from, we don’t think they are the good options. After all, these themes are very likely to be used by millions of webmasters for billions of times. Thus, how can you guarantee the uniqueness of your website design?

Generally, quality and premium themes are not free of charge. Considering the unique look and increased functionality, the price varies significantly. Therefore, simply think about how much you are willing to spend in this respect, and then purchase one accordingly.

Stylish but Simple

Instead of picking a complex and dynamic theme, we suggest you choose a simple and stylish design because they are easier to modify and are compatible with many browsers. On the other hand, the complex themes always come with slow loading speed and redundant code structure, which are not friendly to search engines.


Generally, a truly quality WordPress theme gives you unlimited possibility for customization. For instance, you can get the custom header, custom background, multiple color change options, custom page templates, multiple sidebars, multiple column layouts, and many more. Never choose a theme that provides you with little or even no flexibility.

Responsive Nature

responsive natureDue to the huge development of technology, people don’t limit them to browse websites using the computer or laptop, but also using the smart phone and tablet. Therefore, you’d better make sure that the theme you have selected is totally responsive, which can display the content perfectly with any viewing devices.

Compatible for Major Browsers

You never know which browser your visitors used to visit your website, so the only thing you can do is to keep your website compatible for all browsers. So when selecting the right WordPress theme, you should always make sure your theme is compatible with as many as possible browsers. And it’s good for those themes to be W3 valid and cross browser compatible because you cannot leave anyone behind.

Terms of Service

Many people ignore this step, but it’s also crucial. Some designers and developers always introduce some sensitive information and terms in Terms of Service. For example, some free themes may hide some backlinks or advertisements in it. The guidelines mentioned above are all crucial to choose a right WordPress theme for your website. However, your actual requirements and budget are the essential factors to determine which theme to choose.

When it comes to search engine optimization, the following factors that you have to consider as well.


customizabilityProper coding and presentation of code enhance the SEO of the website and improves its ranking in search engine results page (SERP). A poorly coded page suffers from low loading speed and cross-browser compatibility. Also, it craves way for the unethical hackers to access the website though hacking. Hence, it is quite imperative to have a proper coded theme in order to witness the efficiency in SEO.

User Interface

Google, in its latest SEO update, considers the level of user experience offered to the visitors by the websites. It checks whether the visitors are satisfied with the experience on the website and notes down the behavioral metrics. Thus, websites having a good user interface and effective navigation system indirectly assists in the SEO of the website as impressed visitors feel it a pleasure to visit a user-friendly website frequently.

Page Loading Speed

Speed is an essential part of every website. It ascertains the interest level of the visitor; i.e. a visitor gets more interested to browse the website that displays pages quickly. Hence, when it comes to an SEO-friendly theme, a webmaster must choose a theme that doesn’t degrade the website loading speed.

There are many themes having a vibrant appearance, but is low in performance. Therefore, it is recommendable to choose themes that load within 1.5 seconds. If a theme takes much time but is attractive due to other features, cache cleaner plugins can be used to maintain a proper loading speed.

Plugin Compatibility

social integrationThe presence of thousands of useful plugins for WordPress has generated a demand for plugin compatibility. Majority of WordPress websites uses several plugins for better appearance, performance and utility. There are many themes that have appreciable features, but lack the compatibility of plugins.

It is quite imperative to use a recently-developed theme for WordPress because it increases the chances of compatibility with advanced plugins. Therefore, webmasters should prefer advanced themes that support the installation of plugins for the better optimization of the website.

Social Integration

With the essence of social media marketing increasing every day, sharing in social media has become one of the most important SEO channels. A remarkable amount of traffic is driven through popular social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. However, a majority of webmasters do not take social integration factor into consideration while choosing a theme, and regret it later.

A WordPress theme with appropriate social integration features avoids the burden of installing additional plugins, as well as renders eye-soothing option of sharing. Convenient social sharing options allow the reader to share the content at any point of time and enhance the SEO of the website.


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