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How to Change WordPress Post Authors

How to Change WordPress Post Authors

If your website has multiple authors, it is possible that you may want to change the authors of some special articles to someone others. Regularly, you may need to copy and paste the whole blog post with a totally different author. This time, we’d like to introduce the relatively easier methods of how to change WordPress post authors.

Here, we need to note that you do not need to install any extra plugin for doing so. Instead, the default WordPress features and functions can help you achieve this goal with ease. In addition, to prevent some unexpected situations, we highly recommend you to make a full backup of your website before changing the post authors.

Change WordPress Post Authors for the Single Article

If you want to change the author for a single blog post, you firstly need to enter its editing screen. Here, from the upper right section, you can find the Screen Options button. You need to click it and tick the checkbox of Authors among a bunch of selections.

Author Checkbox

Now, you should scroll down to the bottom section of this screen. Here, you can find the special Author box. You just need to click the drop-down menu for selecting your target author.

Choose the Author

After that, you need to remember to click the Update button to save the changes you have made to the post author.

Change WordPress Post Authors for Multiple Articles in Bulk

Surely, it is easy and time-saving to change the post author for the single article. However, if you are looking to make these changes for multiple blog posts, the manual method may take you a lot of time. Luckily, WordPress has a bulk action feature that allows you to change the post authors in a bulk manner.

Here, you simply need to click the Posts tab and then hit the All Posts button from your WordPress admin. This way, all your blog posts can be listed here.

Now, you can click the posts that you are looking to change the authors. Here, we need to note that the default WordPress settings only showcases 20 posts in each page. In this case, if your target posts are split into different pages, you can click the Screen Options button and check the Pagination section. Here, you can change the number of posts displayed per page.

Posts Pagination Option

Next, after checking the boxes of your target articles in one time, you can click the Edit button from the drop-down menu of Bulk Actions. And then, you need to press the Apply button.

Bulk Edit Authors

Now, you can start the bulk editing of these selected posts to choose their categories, tags, authors, comments, status, pings and sticky settings. This time, you simply need to pay attention to the Author metabox and choose your wanted author from the drop-down list.

We have to admit that this method saves your work and efforts a lot, without the need to open up, edit and update the single blog post one by one. However, it takes the freedom away for you to assign different authors to different posts. In this case, when choosing between these two methods, you’d better make the decision on your real needs.


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