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Change WordPress Admin URL To Secure WordPress Login

Change WordPress Admin URL To Secure WordPress Login

customize WordPressIn general, WordPress generates a default admin URL like http://www.yoursite.com/wp-login.php. As everyone knows this link, the strangers without authority can be very easy to access to your WordPress admin panel if you leak the password or use a same password in more than one location, which is harmful for your website and makes it easily to be hacked.

The security of admin panel is an important part of WordPress security. In order to secure the admin panel, we can change the default URL and create a custom URL for logging in, logging out, administration and registering for our site.

Obviously, the best and easiest way to modify the URL is by utilizing a plugin. In the following, we just introduce several best plugins for admin URL customization, and then we take the Lockdown WP Admin as an example to show the detailed steps to change WordPress admin URL.

Best Plugins to Change WordPress Admin URL

WordPress admin pluginIn most cases, using a proper plugin is the easiest way to customize WordPress websites, especially for customers with little technical knowledge. We can also utilize a simple plugin to change the default WordPress admin URL easy. Here are the top 3 plugins for modifying URL, you can try them for the admin panel.

  • Lockdown WP Admin: It is a helpful WordPress plugin that conceals the administration and login screen from intruders. If a user who doesn’t log in your website want to access the admin panel (/wp-login/), this plugin hides the URL and takes him to a 404 page. Besides, it also allows users to add HTTP authentication directly from WordPress admin and add custom username and password.
  • HC Custom WP-Admin URL: It is a security plugin that is designed to protect your website from been hacked. With it, you can change the admin and login file to avoid hackers getting into your site.
  • Better WP Security: It is one of the best WordPress security plugins with millions of downloads. It offers an easy and effective way to secure WordPress sites. By allowing users to change the URLs for WordPress dashboard, including login, admin, and more, this plugin makes it’s quite easy for modifying the admin panel URL.

Change Admin URL

After picking up the right plugin, we start to change the URL at once. First of all, install this plugin and activate it in your website. Login into your Dashboard, go to Plugins – > Add New, and search for Lockdown WP Admin, or you can download this plugin from WordPress.org directly and upload it. Then, install the plugin and activate it.

install plugin

Once installed the plugin successfully, you can see the Lockdown WP in the menu bar, click to open it. Then, you can start to customize. Selecting the checkbox, you can hide WordPress admin panel from the public.

hide WordPress admin

As well, you can change the WordPress logging in URL to what you like. If you leave it blank, it will be disabled.
change WordPress login URL

In addition, you can configure the HTTP Authentication as disable HTTP Auth, WordPress login credentials, and even private usernames/passwords. At last, save options. With all these configurations, you can secure the website with the greatest possibility.


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