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How to Change the Number of Archive List Showcase in WordPress

How to Change the Number of Archive List Showcase in WordPress

If you have run your WordPress site for a relatively long time, you need the archive page to organize blog posts on the monthly or yearly basis. With this special page, your readers can navigate to their target articles in the systematic manner. However, the issue is that if your archives are too long to display, you can hardly give people a good reading experience. Especially, things can be worse when you showcase the archives in the sidebar location of your site. In this case, you’d better make your archives shorter. Looking to know how to do? This time, you can check the following contents to learn how to change the number of archive list showcase in WordPress. By doing so, you can decide the exact number of lists for showing your archives properly.

Method 1 – Edit Your sidebar.php File

The first method you can try goes to the editing of your sidebar.php file. For this, you simply need to enter your WordPress admin. And then, you should click the Appearance > Editor button. After finding the sidebar.php file, you need to target the following lines of coding stuff.

Normal sidebar.php File Code

Now, you have to replace the original code with the below ones.

New sidebar.php File Code

Here, you can find “limit=9” in the sample code. Note that the value decides the number of months that will showcase in the archives. And you can change the value based on your needs.

Method 2 – Make Use of the Collapsing Archives Plugin

The Collapsing Archives plugin is a simple tool that makes use of JavaScript to make the archive links collapsible based on months or years. Upon the installation of this plugin, you do not need to make any configuration but can directly click the Appearance > Widgets button. And then, you can drag the Collapsing Archives widget to the sidebar location.

Collapsing Archives Widget

Now, your archive lists can showcase in the sidebar with the collapsible display just like the following screenshot. People just need to click the expanding icon so as to check the posting month, date and post title easily.

Collapsing Archives Sample

In addition, you can decide some other aspects as you like. For instance, you can display the post count, showcase the archives in the reverse chronological order, choose the expanding characters and many more.

Method 3 – Make Use of the Compact Archives Plugin

The Compact Archives plugin is a built-in WordPress tool. With it, you can display the monthly archive of blog posts in a compact form instead of the common long list. To use this plugin, you only need to move the Compact Archives widget to the sidebar. And then, you can select the showcase among the options of “Initials”, “Block” and “Numeric”. Even, you can choose the transform text between the options of “Capitalize” and “Uppercase”.

Compact Archives Widget

After saving the settings, the archive lists can appear in the following ways.

Compact Archives Sample


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