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How to Change Default "Enter Title Here" Text using Custom Words

How to Change Default “Enter Title Here” Text using Custom Words

WordPress has made it easy to customize almost every aspect of your blog or site online. Many of default WordPress settings can be modified to meet the taste of the users. The default “Enter Title Here” seen when you are publishing a post on WordPress can be changed to have a new text that the user wishes to have. This is mostly crucial when you wish to make a custom post type or want other bloggers post on your blog and follow the instructions on the title field. It only takes a shortcode and all can be done within a short time.


Whenever you are publishing a new post, the title field has a text “Enter Title Here”. Many people have wanted to change this to have a text of their own that goes with the kind of posts they publish.

This comes handy when you need to create personal profiles, and you need the person’s name to appear as the title on the title field. Once you replace the placeholder text, you can then direct the users to enter their names on the title field. This makes it possible to make any content without the need to use generic text.

Enter Title Here

Replace the Enter Title Here Text

This requires the editing of theme’s functions.php file by adding a shortcode as the following.

enter title here code

You need to pay attention to the text next to $title. It is the text that you need to replace with your custom text depending on what you need your client’s to enter or those publishing on your blog.

The code above is arrived by first creating a fuction wbp_change_title_text. A check is added to see if the user is on a specific post type screen. If the user is on a specific post type screen as detected by the check, it can display a custom title text. After this, you hook the function to the enter_title_here, and you can change the default title text.

After changing the text, you can try adding a new custom post type, and you see the text you have just entered. Note that you can enter any text you need as long as you have the code above.

Learning the use of code may be a bit challenging for the beginners, but with some practices, this can be fine. Note that there is no explicit way to change the default text other than the use of a code, and thus you have to learn how to use the codes. Help can be sought from the site developer or a website host whenever needed.

Choose the Text to Add

The text that you replace the default placeholder text with should be in line with your blog, as well as the type of content and your product. The custom post type determines which text you place.

The text should be comprehensive to ensure that the users know exactly what to enter in the title text area. If you need many items on the title text area, separate them with commas and ensure they are not confusing to the users.

For instance, you can add the text, “Enter new product name here,” “Enter product to be sold, price and date here” and so on as you wish. This makes it easy to pass instructions to the users.


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