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How to Change the Comment Notification Email of WordPress ?

How to Change the Comment Notification Email of WordPress ?

Allowing readers to add comments on website is a good way to promote interactions with people on your blog. A comment section is just like a community where people can change ideas with each other. It is important that visitors can offer feedbacks to what they read and writers have a channel to know how people judge their works.

To help webmasters easily manage their comments, WordPress offers a function that sends an email to the post writer when a visitor writes comments to his or her post. In this way, whenever a comment is published, post writer can get informed and give responses immediately. However, the comment notification email offered by WordPress is simple and monotonous. If you intend to build a functional and stunning website, then, making changes to the notification email of WordPress comment is necessary.


In the following part, our editors carefully explain how to enable comment notification email of WordPress, how to modify the email with codes, as well as how to customize the email with WordPress plugins. Note that we use simple languages to ensure everyone can understand the tutorial easily.

Enable Comment Notification Email

If you want to change the setting of your comment notification email on your WordPress website, of course, the first step is to ensure the function has been enabled. Go to WordPress Settings>Discussion page and you can see two options:

  • Anyone posts a comment
  • A comment is held for moderation

emailThe two options let you choose to receive a notification email for whenever somebody publishes comment or only for comments held for moderation. The comment notification email contains author, title, IP address, URL, comment contents, and links to delete, approve, or mark as spam.

By default, WordPress regulates that authors can receive comment notification email and moderate comments on posts written by them. Editors can also receive comment notification email for the post written by them and can moderate all comments. Besides, administrators can receive notifications email for all pages and post, and can moderate all comments.

Modify Comment Notification Email with Codes

As we can see in the above part, the function and content of a comment notification email is almost fixed, leaving little room for webmasters to customize or make changes. Under this condition, our editors present useful codes in below to help readers make changes to the notification email and what you need to do is to put the codes into your theme’s functions.php file.

Modify Comment Notification Email with Codes

This code is just an example that helps to send all notification emails from the same post type to the selected user.

Customize Comment Notification Email with Plugins

To be honest, turning comment notification emails into something stunning and special with codes does need some HTML knowledge for nobody can give you all codes you want. However, WordPress plugins are better choices in this regard, which are rich featured and easy-to-use. The only thing that you need to accomplish is clicking mouse.

Send Email Only on Reply to My Comment

The plugin offers three options for users to choose from: disable email notifications; send email only when someone replies to my comments and send email when anyone adds a new comment. Compared with the default options provided by WordPress, the plugin presents versatile choices that make email management easier.

Send Email Only on Reply to My Comment

Post Comment Notification

The plugin aims to inform users rather than the admin when new comment is created or published. It helps to notify multiple email addresses to ensure people can receive notification instantly.

Post Comment Notification

Better Notifications for WordPress

Better Notifications for WordPress allows webmasters to decide which notifications are sent to which user roles including custom user role. Webmasters can modify the notification with HTML or shortcodes. Besides, the plugin is not only applicable for comments, but also suitable for new category, new user registration, new posts updated or published and so on so forth.

Better Notifications for WordPress


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