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How to Bulk Schedule Posts on a WordPress Site?

How to Bulk Schedule Posts on a WordPress Site?

There are cases in which you, the site admin or author, would like to publish the posts that you have written at a later time. However, opening up your website to schedule these posts one by one usually consumes a lot of time and energy.

Consequently, it couldn’t be better for you to pick a day throughout the week and bulk schedule all the ready-to-publish posts for the coming days. To be honest, this is very easy to achieve. In the following, we will introduce a straightforward method, namely using the Drafts Scheduler plugin, to help you bulk schedule posts in WordPress.

Initialize the Drafts Scheduler Plugin

Before all operations, you need to login to your WordPress account. Then, search for the Drafts Scheduler plugin via the option “Plugins” > “Add New” on the sidebar menu of your dashboard. Click the “Install Now” button next to the corresponding search result and activate it.

Initialize the Drafts Scheduler Plugin

When the plugin is activated, locate your mouse to the “Posts” tab on the left side of your admin area and click the “Draft Scheduler” option in the menu that it opens up to enter the plugin settings page.

Define Your Post Type and Start Date

Displayed as below, the first thing you need to do is choosing a post type to schedule. By default, the option selected is “Posts”. However, it is possible for you to change it to “Pages” or any other custom post types if there is a need.

Define the Post Type and Start Date

In the next section, the plugin provides a nice little calendar for you to define when the schedule should start. You can change the date on the basis of your actual situations.

Set up the Post Order and Interval

After figuring out the post type and start date, you can go ahead to set up the posting order and interval. The plugin allows you to send out all the draft posts randomly or schedule them from oldest to newest in order.

As for the “Post interval” option, it is provided to specify how often you want the posts to be scheduled. For example, if you prefer one post to go out every day, then, set the post interval as 24 hours as what we have done here.

Set Up the Post Order and Interval

If for any reasons you do not like the interval posting solution above, you can choose to schedule posts randomly. The plugin still uses the start date that you have chosen in the very beginning. But it will randomly publish your drafts rather than in a sequential order.

Here, you can define how many drafts you want to publish per day, per week, or even per month. Also, you can set the time frame for the system to do its work.

Schedule Posts Randomly

Once you are done with the above settings, remember to click the “Schedule Drafts” button to store all your configurations.

Make Sure Everything Is Working Alright

It is true that the Drafts Scheduler plugin has gained some positive reviews. However, we suggest you check it thoroughly in case of any problems. For example, you can test whether the plugin indeed serves up your scheduled drafts within the prescribed interval times.

If there is something wrong with your schedule, you can click the “Undo schedule” button that will appear after the last operation we have made above. By doing this, the plugin will remove all the former settings and enable you to make some modifications or even create a brand new schedule.

Click the Undo Button

However, if everything is working in the way as you have expected, then, you can keep adding new posts to the draft queue and let the plugin work its magic.


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