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How to Bulk Delete WordPress Users

How to Bulk Delete WordPress Users

WordPress can make your site a public and open one by allowing you to enable the user registration. However, if your WordPress site runs with the massive number of spam users, this can be the nightmare. These bad users may update the spam messages to flood your website activities. And your dashboard can come with numerous nonsense comments.

In this case, if you suspect that many of your users drain your server resources and do something bad to your site, you’d better bulk delete WordPress users. Check the following to know how to do this easily.

Option 1 – Use the Default WordPress User Feature

If you do not have too many users, you can use the default WordPress feature to achieve the bulk removal of WordPress users. For this, you need to enter the website dashboard and click the Users button.

From this page, you can check the information for all your users. By default, this script will show 20 users on each page. However, you can change this number as you want. For doing so, you simply need to hover to the upper right location and click the Screen Options button.

Users Screen Options

Here, you can set up the pagination part to decide the number of users displayed on each page. As you can see the number of users below the search box, now, you can decide the pagination based on it. For instance, if you have 98 users, you can choose to display 100 items per page.

User Search Box

Now, you select all the listed users for the bulk action. Here, you simply need to choose the action of Delete, and then, hit the Apply button.

Delete Users

Option 2 – Use the Bulk Delete Plugin

The next option is to use the Bulk Delete plugin. This special tool allows you to delete users in the bulk manner based on various filters and conditions.

Once you have installed this plugin, you can start the removal at once without the need to set up this plugin. Note that it allows the bulk removal of posts, pages, meta fields, users and some additional items. This time, you simply need to delete your users by clicking the Bulk WP > Bulk Delete Users.

Bulk Delete Users Based on User Roles

Here, you firstly can find all the user roles available on your WordPress site, along with how many users are assigned to each role. Now, you can choose your wanted user roles for the deleting of users. In most cases, the spam users are registered with the subscriber user role.

Bulk Delete Users Based on User Roles

Bulk Delete Users Based on Your Filtering Options

If you do not want to delete based on the user roles, you can choose some other filtering options.

  • You can delete the users who have registered a few days ago or who have not logged in their accounts for some days.
  • You can delete the users who have not published any web contents on your site, such as the blog post and comment.
  • If you have thousands of users and the issue of script times-out, you can choose to delete the first few users to free up some server spaces.

Now, you can click the Bulk Delete button or schedule this practice. Even, you can repeat the removal based on your preferred frequency.

Bulk Delete Users Based on Your Filtering Options


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