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How to Bulk Delete All Comments on a WordPress Site?

How to Bulk Delete All Comments on a WordPress Site?

In fact, having a comment section on your WordPress site is good for users to exchange views. However, there are indeed some cases in which you want to delete all the comments, especially when you have filled a developement site with many test comments and want to delete them before moving it to a live site.

No matter what case you are facing with, do not fret. In the following, we will introduce two simple methods to help you easily bulk delete all comments on the WordPress site of your own. Now scroll down to check for more detailed illustrations.

Before Deleting Comments in WordPress

Before bulk deleting all comments, there are two things that you should pay attention to. Firstly, you need to make sure that you actually want to remove all the comments, including those approved or pending ones, from your WordPress database. If you only want to cope with spam comments, then, follow our in-depth guide on how to prevent WordPress comment spam.

Secondly, since the deleting of WordPress comments is an irreversible action, we sincerely suggest you fully backup your site in advance. If you are confused with this process, check the beginners’ guide on how to backup a WordPress website.

Bulk Delete All Comments Manually

The first method that we are discussing here is using phpMyAdmin to bulk delete all WordPress comments. To get started, you need to login to the cPanel dashboard of your own WordPress hosting account. Then, click on “phpMyAdmin” under the “DATABASES” section.

Click phpMyAdmin

On the phpMyAdmin page, navigate to the “Databases” tab and locate your WordPress database in the list that it opens up. After that, you can see a new page that shows all of your WordPress database tables. Tick the checkbox next to “wp_comments” and “wp_commentmeta” tables as below.

Tick the Comment Tables

In the next, scroll down the page to the “With selected” field and choose “Empty” in the drop-down menu.

Choose Empty

Then, you will see a warning note that requests your confirmation on whether to empty those selected tables or not. Once you have clicked the “Yes” button, all comments on your WordPress site will be deleted.

Confirm the Empty Request

Bulk Delete All Comments Using a Plugin

The first method woe’ve introduced above is powerful because you can delete all comments in a blazing-fast manner. However, it can be risky since a wrong operation may mess up the whole database. Therefore, we provide the following alternative for you to choose.

It is widely-known that WordPress comes with many amazing plugins, allowing site owners and developers to extend functionality. Among these plugins, we have selected the one named as Delete All Comments to help you bulk delete comments on your site.

As usual, the first thing you need to do is installing and activating the plugin on your WordPress admin area. Refer to this WordPress plugin installation guide if you have come across any problems during the process.

Install the Delete All Comments Plugin

When you have activated the plugin, visit “Tools” > “Delete All Comments” on the sidebar menu of your dashboard. As the following screen capture shows, the plugin will display the total number of your WordPress comments and allow you delete them easily. Simply tick the checkbox, click on the “Delete All” button, and you are done.

Delete All Comments With Plugin


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