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How to Build a Static WordPress Homepage?

How to Build a Static WordPress Homepage?

By default, WordPress displays the most recent posts on the front page of a website, which makes the website looks dull, and much likes a blog. However, many users want to use WordPress as a CMS, building powerful and stylish websites instead of standard blogs. Don’t be worry! WordPress is a flexible plugin that allows users to customize the website for their unique requirements. We can change it into a static front page and show beautiful design, specific content and welcome information.

This tutorial comes with the easy steps for building a static WordPress homepage, to help WordPress beginners utilize WordPress to build a website with CMS feel. In this case, they can easily display some featured content or highlighted posts in the front page so that visitors can see them at first when they reach the site.

Create Two WordPress Page

In order to build a static WordPress homepage, you should create two new pages at first. However, if you don’t want to use the WordPress blogging function, you can create only one page.

Login into your WordPress Dashboard, click Pages -> Add New to create a new page. Enter the title as “Home” as the static home page, and then you can design this page and add the content you want to display on the homepage. At last, publish it.

Add new page

Using the same step to create another new page, and enter the page title as “Blog” (As well, you can also call it as News, Content, Articles, etc). This page is designed to show the posts on your website. So don’t add any content into it and leave it blank.

Set Static Homepage

As we have prepared two new pages already, now we can display the static page as front page. You can configure it in the settings panel.

Go to the settings -> reading, you can see the front page displays as the following. By default, the front page displays your latest posts. Now you can select a static page and set the “Home” as Front page and “Blog” as Posts page.

set static homepage

In the below, you can also set the number of articles you want to show on the Blog page, and choose to show full text or only summary of the article. At last, click the button to save changes.

Change Homepage Link

By default, WordPress generates the page URL as http://www.yourdomain.com/indexp.php?p=123. With the special question mark and number, it clearly tells visitors that your page is dynamic but not static. In order to make your homepage completely static, you can create a custom URL structure to show the page title in the URL. On the other hand, this can also boost the readability, usability, and compatibility of the links.

In the WordPress admin panel, go to Settings -> Permalinks, and you can see the following content. Select the custom structure at last, and enter the %postname% into the field. Then, save changes.

set permalink


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