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How to Build a Restaurant Website with WordPress?

How to Build a Restaurant Website with WordPress?

With the effort of WordPress developers, now, WordPress is powerful enough to build any type of websites, such as company sites, portfolio sites, as well as restaurant sites. Building different sites with various functions needs specific tactics and only in this way can you make your site outstanding and attractive.

In this tutorial, we mainly talk about how to build a restaurant website with WordPress in a labor-saving way. Apart from presenting you with step by step instruction about how to build a website, we put much emphasis on how to make your site a special and characteristic restaurant website.

Build a Website

The premise to build a restaurant website is to create a website at first. In total, there are four steps to be accomplished, including purchasing a domain, subscribing a hosting service, pointing the domain to your host, as well as installing WordPress. We are going to explain them in detail as below.

Purchasing a Domain and Hosting Service

DomainDomain name is a basic to build a website, which makes it possible for visitors to reach your website through search engines. Thus, you need to buy a domain name at first. In this regard, we suggest webmasters to get a cheap and quality domain name in GoDaddy that is the biggest and the most famous domain registrar in this field.

Then, the next step is to choose a suitable hosting company. Based on years’ experience in this field, our editors concluded several criteria to judge whether a hosting package is suitable or not. Firstly, you need to make sure the hosting type you want – shared hosting, VPS hosting, or dedicated hosting according to the size of your website.

Then, you need to consider price, features, page loading speed, uptime, as well as customer service. Only if a hosting provider offers rich features, unmatchable performance, and responsive technical support at budget-friendly price, it is worth going. Besides, some reputable hosts even offer free domain name registration that is included in the hosting package. In this way, webmasters can save registration fees. In the following, we list three reputable web hosts that provide cheap web hosting solutions.

Pointing Domain to Host & Install WordPress

It is easy to point your domain to your host and what you need to do is change the domain information in domain registrar into the information offered by hosting company in email. Now, if you have connected the domain with the host company, the next step is to install WordPress to manage you site content. If you are confused about how to install WordPress, then, look through the 6 methods and choose the most suitable one for yourself.

Turn the Website into an Outstanding Restaurant Website

After finishing all the steps above, you build a WordPress website successfully rather than build a restaurant website. Thus, you need to do some configuration and customization. We list all useful and important ways in below to make the monotonous website into a functional restaurant website.


Choosing a Premium Restaurant Theme

There are many WordPress restaurant themes specially designed for restaurant websites. Generally, there are two-column and three-column restaurant themes in the market. If your website has a lot of content, then, a three-column one is your choice; otherwise, you’d better choose a two column one. Besides, a good theme needs to be rich-featured including fully responsive design, multiple layouts, multiple colors, shortcodes, and so on so forth.

Doing Local SEO

You may have paid much attention to WordPress organic SEO that helps to improve search engine ranking in a wide range. However, as restaurants have geographical limitations, doing local SEO is a better choice, which displays searching results according to researcher’s present position.

Local SEO

Adding Booking System to Your Website

Booking system on a website allows visitors to book services on the web page, which is convenient and time-saving. Thus, adding a booking system on your restaurant website can help you promote your restaurant business. The easiest way to add a booking system is to use WordPress booking plugins and what you need to do is just clicking the mouse.

Security & Speed

Website security and speed is the concern of every webmaster. Thus, you’d better adopt some security tips and use security plugins to keep your website safe. As for speed, you can utilize cache plugins, MaxCDN, and image resizer to speed up your WordPress website.


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