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How to Build an Online Store with WordPress Hosting?

How to Build an Online Store with WordPress Hosting?

WordPress is flexible and powerful, widely used to power all kinds of websites including personal blogs, business class websites, community websites, portal websites, and so on. As well, more and more e-Commerce workers would like to utilize WordPress to power their stores because of the unique advantages.

Why Build an Online Store with WordPress?

WordPress online storeThere are plenty of professional e-Commerce website builders, why do many people still like use WordPress? The below are some specific advantages of WordPress, which sets it apart from other CMSs.

  • Free. WordPress is a free open source, so users have no need to buy software. They can download and customize the software for free.
  • Easy to Manage. WordPress is well-known for its flexibility and ease of use. In general, you can manage it freely if you know how to use Microsoft Word. Besides, many web hosting solutions like BlueHost WordPress hosting always offer 1-click installer, which helps you install your store within seconds by few clicks.
  • Easy to Customize. Online stores always need more customization. With a group of stylish themes, users can easily change the themes to suitable to products or services.
  • SEO Friendly. WordPress framework is optimized for search engines, so WordPress-powered websites are easily indexed by search engines and always have a higher ranking than others. Besides, choosing an optimized WordPress theme can be also friendly to search engines.

However, be different from common content-based websites, online stores are not easy to set up with WordPress, especially it needs payment processor and delivery and fulfillment service. So we come out this tutorial to introduce the detailed steps of building an online store with WordPress, and help users create their store online easily.

Install e-Commerce Plugin

Generally, there are two easy methods to create an online store with WordPress – install e-Commerce plugin or theme. Let’s introduce them respectively.

Preparation Conditions

  • Domain name and hosting packages. Sincerely, we recommend BlueHost (http://www.bluehost.com/) which is affordable for $2.95/mo, and provides 1 free domain and advertising credits.
  • WordPress. You can get it for free on WordPress.org, or install it directly through InMotion cPanel. InMotion Hosting provides 1-click installer Softaculous to help you install WordPress website with ease.
  • WordPress e-Commerce plugin. There are a large number of e-Commerce plugin, both paid and free. You can download it free on the internet, or find the best suitable one from WordPress Ecommerce plugins.

Setup WordPress Website

At first, you need to build up your WordPress website. The process is quite simple, you can follow the below steps.

  1. Register a domain name and purchase a web hosting package.
  2. Log into your control panel, click the WordPress icon and turn to the next page.
  3. Start to install WordPress website at once. You can install your site from a 1-click installer like Simplescripts or Softacolous, or upload a WordPress plugin which you download from WordPress.org. Two ways will bring you to the same page.
  4. Configure the information of WordPress version, install place, additional plugins and tehemes, and confirm the legal information.
  5. Click the complete button to install your website.

If you are still not clear how to handle it, following this tutorial of how to install WordPress.

Install e-Commerce Plugin

As you have a WordPress website already, now you can install an eCommerce plugin to build an online store.

Log into your website admin panel, and go to Plugins, click Add New to upload your e-Commerce plugin. In this case, we take WooCommerce as example. So you can upload your plugin or search WooCommerce as the following.

install eCommerce plugin

Click Install now, and the plugin will be automatically installed, and then click Activate plugin to complete.

activate plugin

After activate the plugin, you can see the Welcome page as the above. You can just click the Install WooCommerce Pages, and then configure your store with the following settings.

Store Settings

After configure your store, you can add your actual products or services to sell. By cliking the Products -> Add New, you can easily complete this process and have your store online.

Add Products

Use WordPress e-Commerce Themes

The other effective method is using WordPress e-Commerce theme, which is 100% compatible with WordPress application and comes with some online store necessary features like payment gateways, shipping module, etc.

You can achieve it by logging into dashboard, go to Appearance -> Themes, and then click Install Themes to upload your eCommerce theme. Only note that you should make sure your theme is completely compatible with your plugins.

As we take the theme of StyleShop as example, the shop appearance is as the following.

Add Products


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