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How to Build a Company Site Using WordPress?

How to Build a Company Site Using WordPress?

In the digital world, creating a company website is an essential option to enhancing brand fame. A company website has various functions and can benefit corporations in different ways. Thus, many companies, no matter big or small, are seeking solutions to build a company website. However, this is a difficult task for people have little-to-no experience in website building world.

To help readers setup a company website easily in a fast and time-saving way, we write the tutorial to tell you how to build a company site using WordPress step by step. We use the simplest expressions and try our best to avoid technical terms to ensure every reader can understand what we are talking about.

Purchasing a Domain

If you are going to setup a website, the first step is to get a domain. Of course, domain is not for free, thus, you need to buy one from domain registrars. Personally, I recommend GoDaddy.com that is the biggest domain registration company. Of course, there are many web hosting providers offer domain registration service. Some of them even offer free domain name if you buy hosting plans from them.


Firstly, go to GoDaddy and create an account. Note that you need to keep your username and password carefully. Then, select a domain name from .com, .net, and so on so forth. Then, click on Purchase and you can have a domain name.

Buying a Hosting Service

Now that you have a domain, the next is to buy a host for your company website. A host provides servers for your website, which make the site available for people who type in your domain name in the browser.

As there are thousands of web hosting providers in the market with different qualities, choosing a cost-effectiveness one is a tough task. After reviewing over two hundred of hosting companies, I recommend the following three for readers. All of them come with affordable price, rich features, unmatchable performance, as well as responsive technical support.

After choosing a suitable hosting company, the next is to purchase a hosting plan. For example, go to BlueHost, choose a shared plan, and click on Sign Up Now. The plans start from $2.95/mo. Then, you can see there are two choices: Register a Domain Name and I Have a Domain Name. As you have registered one, you just enter domain name and click on Next.

buy plan

Now, you can see a format with all kinds of information. You need to fill up the chart with real information. Note that making sure the email address is valid for it will be extremely useful in the following steps. Then, there is package information that let you choose a billing cycle for your plan. Usually, the longer the term is, the cheaper the price can be.

package information

Pointing Your Site to the Host

After successfully getting a hosting service, the hosting provider will send an email to the email account you left before. After this, go to your domain registrar, for example, GoDaddy. Log in to your account and click on Accounts. Then, you can see the domain you registered before, and click on it. Now, you can see an Edit button on the top left, click on the button and change all the information in the form according to the email you received before.

settign name server

Install WordPress

After finishing all the steps above, now, you can install WordPress. BlueHost offers a 1-click installer which can ensure you installing a bunch of scripts in several minutes. Of course, if you don’t want use it, just do this manually. We are going to simply introduce the whole process using 1-click-installer.

Go to your hosting provider and login to your control panel. Then, find the 1-click installer and click on it. Later, just click on install and follow the instruction to click on next. At last, there will be a format needed to be filled, fill it up to finish the whole process.

Configure WordPress

wordpressAfter installing WordPress successfully, a company site is actually established. However, this is just the beginning rather than the end. You still have much work to do to make your website attractive and outstanding. As company website, homepage is most important part, you need to use proper theme to list all the important and glorious information on it. Besides, it would better if there is a sitemap to guide visitors.

If you can’t design the home page yourself, don’t worry, WordPress is powerful enough to help you accomplish all these easily. There are numerous themes and plugins for you to create a unique and custom company website. In the following, we recommend several best collections for you.

  • Best Corporate WordPress ThemesThis is a collection of premium themes that are designed for company use. All of them are beautiful, responsive, clean, and easy to use.
  • Best Free Simple WordPress ThemesAll the themes are suitable for all kinds of usage and come with simple design.
  • Top Rated WordPress Sitemap Plugins – These plugins can help create a sitemap for your website.
  • Top 5 WordPress Security PluginsThe selected plugins aim to ensure the security of your websites.


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