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How to Build Amazon Affiliate Store in WordPress

How to Build Amazon Affiliate Store in WordPress

To earn the income from your website, one of the easiest ways is to join an affiliate program. This way, you just need to do nothing but attract as many readers as possible to increase the click through rate. When people click your affiliate link or even make a purchase from this link, you can get the commission. Choosing a good affiliate program is not easy. And we personally recommend you to work with Amazon – one of the largest online shopping platforms all around the world. As estimated, you can get up to 15% in the referral fees after promoting and advertising the Amazon item. This time, we’d like to come out a tutorial about how to build Amazon affiliate store in WordPress. Then, you can earn a commission easily by selling and marketing Amazon products on your site.

Get Started

To begin with, you should make sure that you have a well-working WordPress site, coming with the easy-to-remember domain name and the rich content. Here, to make sure that your website can always run with the smooth and fast pace, you need to choose a quality WordPress hosting solution. This way, you won’t need to worry that there is something wrong when people click your affiliate links.

As for the hosting solution, we personally recommend you to have a look at the following three web hosts. Some of them are even recommended by WordPress.org. The top-notch hosting solution will not let your down.

Get An Amazon Affiliate Account

After having the quality website, you should sign up to get an Amazon affiliate account. After that, you can add the Amazon products for selling with your exclusive affiliate ID.

To do this, you should go to the Amazon Affiliate program site, and then, you need to click the Join Now for Free button.

Join Now for Free

In the next screen, you have to sign in using your Amazon account. If you haven’t got one yet, you should hit the Create Your Amazon Account button. Here, you are asked to enter your name, email and password. Upon the account creation, you can sign in using that account.

Sign In Amazon

Here, if your Amazon account is a new one, you have to enter your account information and profile later. In this step, it is important to confirm the address of you or your company that Amazon will send the payments to.

Amazon Account

Now, you just need to wait for the review of Amazon. Once approved, you will receive your exclusive affiliate ID later.

Add Affiliate Product with WooCommerce

Now, you can start adding the affiliate products. Things can be much easier if your website is an online store built using WooCommerce. We have already shared the detailed steps about how to create an online store with WordPress by using WooCommerce, so we will not mention the aspect one more time.

Here, when adding a new product on your blog posts or pages from the editing screen of your admin, you should navigate to the Product Data meta box and click the External/Affiliate Product option from the Product Type dropdown menu. Now, you just need to enter the affiliate URL of the product you want to showcase.

Note that you can enter the button text of the link. However, you cannot edit the Price field. You just need to leave it blank. The manual entering of the product price is not allowed by Amazon affiliate.

External/Affiliate Product

To find the product affiliate URL, you should enter your Amazon Associate dashboard. Here, you can enter the product keyword in the search box. After finding your target, you just need to click the Get Link button.

Amazon Associate Dashboard

Now, the affiliate product can be added successfully. Your users can enter the reliable shopping platform of Amazon to make the purchase and you can get the commission.

Add Affiliate Product with WordPress Plugin

It is possible that your WordPress site does not have the WooCommerce tool installed. If so, you can make use of the Amazon Associates Link Builder plugin. This is the original Amazon affiliate program plugin. With it, you can search for your target products in Amazon, access the real-time price and create the affiliate link in your WordPress posts and pages easily.

Upon the installation, you firstly need to click the Settings button under the Associate Link Builder tab. Here, you should enter the tracking ID. This allows the system to monitor the sales and traffic generated from your site to Amazon. Note that the ID is the one you have received after joining the affiliate program.

In addition, you should enter your PA-API credentials with the Access Key ID and the Secret Access Key. Note that you can get them after signing up with the Amazon Product Advertising API. The signup link is displayed in the PA-API Credentials section.

PA-API Credential

Search, Add and Showcase the Product

Now, you can open to edit the post or the page you are looking to add the affiliate product. Here, you have the freedom to search for your target in Amazon catalog via the WordPress toolbar directly.

Search Affiliate Product

In the next step, you should choose the Ad Template, Associate ID if you enter multiple options and the marketplace. Now, the admin will list multiple suitable options just like the following screenshot shows. Here, you just need to hit your target options and click the Add Shortcode button.

Add Amazon Associate Shortcode

Now, the product can appear based on the template you have chosen.

Product Carousel Template

Product Carousel Template

Product Ad Template

Product Ad Template

Product Grid Template

Product Grid Template

Product Link Template

Product Link Template


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