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BlueHost VS JustHost- What Are the Difference and Similarity?

BlueHost VS JustHost- What Are the Difference and Similarity?

Both BlueHost and JustHost hold dominant positions in the web hosting field. They have some differences and resemblances. In view of price, feature, performance, technical support and customer satisfaction rate, this BlueHost VS JustHost clearly shows you the differences and commons between them. Note that we mainly focus on their shared web hosting service.

The Differences on Pricing

BlueHost web hosting is starting at $2.95/mo effectively, 63% off the regular price of $7.99/mo for Basic plan. JustHost web hosting is also affordable in fact. Instead of pricing at $9.49/mo originally, it is offering a discount starting at $3.49/mo only right now. Read the comparison of price as following,

Billing Cycle BlueHost BlueHost JustHost
Plan in Comparison Basic Plus Basic
Regularly $7.99/mo $10.99/mo $9.49/mo
Max Discount 63% Off 64% Off 63% Off
Now $2.95/mo $3.95/mo $3.49/mo
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In the comparison, BlueHost and JustHost both are affordable, especially fixing the same prices for the 12/24/36 months plans. Only JustHost provides more flexible billing plans so that customers can choose the monthly, quarterly as well as half-year billing cycle.

The Differences on Performance

Both BlueHost and JustHost have adopted data centers equipped with UPS power back-up generator to guarantee high reliability. They monitor the networks 24 a day and 7 days a week to tackle issues before they come into attention of the customers.

  • BlueHost invests 20+ million USD to build 3 dedicated data center. It utilizes a separated physical fiber lines and equips auto adaptable connection with verbose for any unpredictable interruption.
  • JustHost uses its own advanced data center with 100% Dell servers. It utilizes Cisco smart routing technology so that it can be switched automatically once there is any interruption.

As a result, both these 2 companies offer the extremely reliable web hosting service as well as the server/network performance. As we monitored in the past 30 days, BlueHost performs a 320ms server response time while JustHost performs approximately 366ms as the following statistics chart. To be frank, both of them are really excellent as the average server response time in the industry is about 600ms.

The Commons Between BlueHost and JustHost

  • Both BlueHostand JustHost are acquired by Endurance International Group, one of the largest web hosting companies in the world.
  • Both BlueHost and JustHost have provides anytime money back guarantee.
  • Both BlueHost and JustHost supply 24/7 US-based technical support. Customers can seek help via toll-free phone, live chat, email, knowledgebase support ticket.
  • Both BlueHost and JustHost feature unlimited disk space, site transfer, add-on domains, parked domains, subdomains, and forwarding E-mail accounts. Some E-Commerce features and multimedia features are also offered.
Basic Feature

  • Free Domain
  • Hosting Domain
  • Google AdWords
    $100 FREE
  • Disk Space
  • Email Accounts
  • cPanel
  • Full Refund
    30 Days
  • Money Back
  • Support
    24×7 US

Script & Development

  • PHP
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Python w/h CGI
  • Perl w/h CGI
  • MySQL 5
  • PostgreSQL
  • Cron Job
  • Shell Access (SSH)
  • .htaccess Overrides
  • Customize PHP.ini

BlueHost Introduction

BlueHost was born in 1996. Now it has more than 240 staffs, and offers web hosting solutions for millions of customers. It builds 3 data centers in Orem, Utah, with first-rate facilities including UPS power, diesel generator, and multiple 10 gigabit fiber connection. Besides, it also utilizes world-class DELL servers to ensure the maximum uptime.

For the endeavor, BlueHost has gained an excellent industry reputation and tremendous popularity. Until the time of this writing, we have received totally hundreds of real customer reviews, which manifests that BlueHost has gained approximately 99.6% customer satisfaction rate. See the following chart about the overall rating, or read the customer reviews at this page

JustHost Introduction

JustHost, the sister brand of BlueHost, is a relatively young web hosting brand established in 2008, and is acquired by EIG in 2013. It has also prospered to be a leading web hosting company for its cheap, rice-featured, and reliable web hosting services.

JustHost locates its data center in Chicago & Illinois, and provides above 2,000 dedicated servers for both shared and dedicated customers. Meanwhile, its data center operates on quad processor servers and is supported by a UPS power back-up generator. Thus, JustHost successfully offers secure hosting environment to maintain websites without interruptions.

Up to now, we have received nearly a hundred of JustHost reviews from real customers. The 95.7% of customers are satisfied with the overall service, with 97.1% satisfaction rate for reliability, 97.1% for control panel and 100% for technical support. See the following chart about the overall rating, or read the customer reviews at this page

BlueHost VS JustHost – Conclusion

From what we have compared above, both of BlueHost and JustHost are stunning web hosting brands that are powerful to serve for blogs, personal websites and small to medium sized businesses. So you can choose one of them according to your specific requirement and preference.


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