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BlueHost VS InMotion Hosting–Shared Web Hosting Comparison

BlueHost VS InMotion Hosting–Shared Web Hosting Comparison

BlueHost and InMotion have been committing themselves to web hosting services for 10+ years and they differ slightly in aspects like price, features, performance, technical support, and editorial & customer ratings. In the sections below, our editors will guide you to distinguish the two companies on account of these aspects.

BlueHost VS InMotion Hosting > Editorial & Customer Ratings

Before the comprehensive comparison between BlueHost and InMotion Hosting, we give the editorial ratings about their price, features, speed, uptime, and technical support in below table. All are based our real hosting experience together with real-time monitoring on the shared hosting packages of these two companies.

Editorial Rating BlueHost InMotion Hosting
Price 4.5 out of 5 stars 4 out of 5 stars
Feature 5 out of 5 stars 4 out of 5 stars
Speed 4 out of 5 stars 4.5 out of 5 stars
Uptime 5 out of 5 stars 4 out of 5 stars
Technical Support 4.5 out of 5 stars 4.5 out of 5 stars

Moreover, we also have taken customer satisfaction rate into consideration. Up to now, we have received hundreds of reviews from real customers of the two companies. BlueHost has gained a 99.6% satisfaction rate among 479 real customers reviews (read more), while InMotion has obtained a 98.9% among 1052 real customers reviews (read more).

BlueHost VS InMotion Hosting > Price

BlueHost offers 3 hosting solutions – Shared Web Hosting, VPS Web Hosting and Dedicated Web Hosting. For shared web hosting, the price is starting at $7.99/mo regularly. There is a good news that you can enjoy an over 60% discount and pay $2.95/mo by going through this promotional link.

By comparison, InMotion owns 3 shared web hosting packages as Launch, Power and Pro to satisfy different requirements of personal and small business websites. It fixes its starting price at $6.99/mo, but you can enjoy special price for $3.49/mo, 50% off the regular price by signing up through this promotional link. For detailed comparison, please refer to the following table.

Billing Cycle BlueHost InMotion Hosting
Plan In Review Basic Launch
Regular $7.99/mo $6.99/mo
Discount 63% 50%
12 months $4.95/mo $3.99/mo
24 months $3.95/mo $3.49/mo
36 months $2.95/mo N/A
How to Claim Link Activation Link Activation

It’s obvious that the web hosting services offered by both of these two companies are affordable, while InMotion is 13% cheaper than BlueHost.

What is more, BlueHost web hosting package possesses $100 Goggle AdWords credits, so as to $50 Facebook & $50 Twitter ads credits, also some freebies as 1 free domain name and free site builder w/templates.

And the three hosting plans of InMotion Hosting are provided with up to $300 advertising credits for Goggle, Yahoo, Bing, YP listing, Twitter and Amazon along with other bonuses as free domain registration and free data backups.

According to the illustrations above, the companies’ shared hosting services are fairly budget-friendly, enabling most users over the web to create an optimal online presence without any economic pressures.

BlueHost VS InMotion Hosting > Feature

Both BlueHost and InMotion feature unlimited storage and site transfer, and there are some differences such as hosted domains, parked domains, MySQL databases, etc. As the price of the basic plan Launch is comparable to BlueHost professional web hosting, we have compared them for the following features.

Features BlueHost InMotion Hosting
Allowed Sites 1 2
Control Panel cPanel cPanel
MySQL Database 20 2
1-Click Installer SimpleScripts Softaculous
PHP 5 Yes Yes
Perl 5 Yes Yes
SSH Yes yes
Ruby on Rails Yes Yes
PHPMyAdmin Yes Yes
Full Money Back 30 days 90 days
Pro-Rated Money Back Anytime 90 days
Payment Credit Card & PayPal Credit Card
Website BlueHost.com InMotion.com

From the above comparison, we can clearly see that BlueHost is richer featured than InMotion Hosting on MySQL Databases, hosted domains and parked domains. On the other hand, InMotion Hosting provides guaranteed resources for each account and keeps them running smoothly and securely.

In addition, both of the two companies provide a cPanel control panel with each of their hosting plans. This control panel features an intuitive interface and a set of identifiable icons to help users manage domains, databases, files, and other aspects in an effortless manner.

Also, they integrate the control panel with a 1-click installer. Taking advantage of this amazing tool, users are able to easily install most popular open source applications available on the market, such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and so on.

BlueHost vs InMotion Hosting > Money Back Guarantee

It is true that both BlueHost and InMotion Hosting are confident with their shared hosting services. Still, they provide reasonable refund policies to fully guarantee customers’ satisfaction. From this perspective, they are surely trustworthy web hosts.

BlueHost leads the industry with its anytime money back guarantee. For users who not sufficiently satisfied with its hosting services and cancel their hosting accounts within the 30 days since the registration, BlueHost issues a full refund. Also, the company offers a pro-rated refund for the remainder of users’ hosting terms after the first 30 days.

InMotion Hosting, on the other hand, also performs well at this point of view. It triples the industry average 30-day money back guarantee to ensure that users can purchase their hosting plans without much worries and risks. To be frank, InMotion Hosting money back guarantee is also much more competitive than most other web hosts.

BlueHost VS InMotion > Performance

BlueHost has fulfilled its commitment of 99.9% uptime. It utilizes 3 data centers equipped with USA power and diesel generators and adopts auto-routing system to assist your websites getting through the fastest network if one network is down.

By comparison, InMotion has multiple data centers equipped with 100% Dell Web Server with 16 to 24 Xeon Cores to maintain awesome performance for your websites. With the Max Speed Zone and SSD technology, customers within the unique zone can be 6 times faster than others. Moreover, InMotion Hosting offers professional technology engineers to monitor the network and data centers.

BlueHost and InMotion Hosting are backed by robust facilities and advanced technologies, and they both keep running fast and 99.9% uptime. Actually, both companies perfrom excellently as we monitored their uptime and server response time for over 12 months.

BlueHost and InMotion Hosting both achieve 99.9% uptime guarantee. As for the server response time, BlueHost responds within 320 ms while InMotion Hositng delivers 230 ms on average. Both companies are much faster than the ordinary web hosts, but InMotion Hosting is 35% faster than BlueHost. After all, InMotion Hosting utilizes business-class hardare and technologies.

BlueHost VS InMotion Hosting > Technical Support

In terms of technical support, both BlueHost and InMotion have guaranteed 24/7 US based technical support, which responds requests at any time. According to our experience of seeking help via phone, live chat and email on technical problems, we have received responsive and professional help from support staffs of these two companies. To be specific, the holding time of BlueHost averages at 30 seconds, while InMotion is 35 seconds.

Beside manual supports, the two companies also maintain a knowledgebase section, a blog, and multiple popular social media platforms for users to fix common issues by themselves as well as exchange views with other peer customers over the Internet.

Conclusion & Suggestion

From what we have analyzed in this BlueHost vs InMotion Hosting comparison, we can clearly find that both BlueHost and InMotion are good choices for shared web hosting. The point is that each company has made an important contribution in its own way.

Therefore, if you simply want to host your site with a reliable company, sign up BlueHost to start your web hosting journey in a hassle-free way. And if you pose relatively high requirements on the hosting performance, then go InMotion, the one that is capable of delivering your website’ contents with the swiftest speed.


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