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BlueHost or GoDaddy - Which is the Better WordPress Host?

BlueHost or GoDaddy – Which is the Better WordPress Host?

bluehost vs godaddyWhich is the better WordPress host, BlueHost or GoDaddy? It’s hard to answer because both of them are reputed internet companies. In this article, we reviewed BlueHost and GoDaddy in depth and compared them on the shared web hosting service from price, performance, reliability, technical support and customer voice.

We have been using both BlueHost and GoDaddy for several WordPress websites. So this comparison is based on our real experience and the real customers’ votes we collected. According to our own opinion, BlueHost is better than GoDaddy in web hosting niche.

BlueHost or GoDaddy – Background

BlueHost is an experienced provider in the web hosting industry more than 16 years and it has been focus on the shared hosting only since its foundation. Besides, It is the only shared web host owing 3 dedicated data centers that have invested over 20 million USD. Now, BlueHost has 700+ employees and 7500+ servers serving for 2 millions of websites globally, and it’s still fast growing with nearly 20,000 new customers added in every month.

GoDaddy is one of the largest domain registrars, offering comprehensive hosting packages including domain registration, shared web hosting, VPS, dedicated server, reseller hosting, and cloud hosting, etc. It always focuses on domain registration but web hosting, so it has a good reputation on domain registration and SSL certificate.

This is the comparison table for their web hosting service only based on our editors’ experience and opinion.

Rating BlueHost GoDaddy
Feature rating 5.0 rating 4
Speed rating 5 rating 2
Uptime rating 5.0 rating 4
Support rating 5.0 rating 4.5
Price rating 4 rating 4
Overal rating 4.5 rating 2.5
Read Review BlueHost Review GoDaddy Review

Both BlueHost and GoDaddy has 3 different level plans. In this article, we mainly compare BlueHost Basic and Plus plan with GoDaddy Deluxe plan, and try to explain why BlueHost is better than GoDaddy in web hosting service.

BlueHost or GoDaddy – Price

BlueHost is well known for the affordable price starting at $2.95/mo through this promotional link. For Basic plan, the price is 63% off. For Plus plan, the price is 64% off for $3.95/mo. GoDaddy Deluxe plan is starting at $4.99/mo ($9.99/mo regularly) – much more expensive than BlueHost.

The price comparison of BlueHost and GoDaddy plans:

Price BlueHost BlueHost GoDaddy
Plan Basic Plus Deluxe
Regularly $7.99/mo $9.99/mo $9.99/mo
Discount 63% Off 64% Off 50% Off
Price Now $2.95/mo $3.95/mo $4.99/mo
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Unlike GoDaddy doesn’t include free domain or free marketing credits with the web hosting plans, the BlueHost includes 1 free domain, $100 Google AdWords credits, $50 Twitter credits, $50 Facebook credits, $75 Bing/Yahoo search advertising credits, and 1000+ free site templates.

BlueHost or GoDaddy – Feature

The BlueHost servers are full featured and functioned to be 100% compatible with almost all the open source scripts. However, GoDaddy plans are restricted to a single e-mail address and only 150 GB of space, 5 pages website with only 1 GB of database space, which makes the service impractical for many websites. If you want to more features, you have to pay more money to upgrade your plan that it is certainly named as hidden fee.

The detailed comparison is as the following:

Feature BlueHost BlueHost GoDaddy
Plan Basic Plus Deluxe
Control Panel cPanel cPanel Custom
Free Domain Yes($12.99/yr valued) Yes ($12.99/yr valued) No
Disk Space 50 GB Unlimited 100 GB
PHP 5.4.x 5.4.x Unknown
Ruby on Rails Yes Yes Yes
MySQL 20 Unlimited 5x 1GB
PostgreSQL 20 Unlimited No
SSH Yes Yes No
Discount 63% Off 64% Off 50% Off
How to Claim Link Activation Link Activation Not Recommended

According to the comparison, we can know that BlueHost is better than GoDaddy on cost-effectiveness. BlueHost WordPress hosting is more similar to GoDaddy Deluxe plan, but it is 56% cheaper than Deluxe solution. Additionally, it provides $100 Google AdWords credits and 1 free domain which GoDaddy charges for $14.95/yr

BlueHost or GoDaddy – Usability

usabilityThe BlueHost servers are 100% compatible with almost all open source scripts. With its self- developed and customized customer portal integrated with cPanel, billing system, domain system, support center, etc, you can manage everything about your account and service at 1 stop. Particularly, BlueHost is highly recommended in open source communities. You can easily find their brand in the recommendation list of WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, etc. It has been named as the best WordPress hosting at WordPress.org since 2005.

GoDaddy also provides 1-click installation that you can set up and upgrade an open source applications quickly. However, with rich product lines, GoDaddy doesn’t focus on web hosting as the same as BlueHost. With the limited features, many customers complaint what they usually experience slowness with GoDaddy.

BlueHost or GoDaddy – Reliability

GoDaddy only has a data center in Phoenix in US whhich is not top notch enough. Equipped with poor servers and oversold it, the online sites is quite slow. In fact, there are numerous complaints about the slow speed of GoDaddy web hosting service on the internet.

Owning 3 world-class data centers, BlueHost ensures the hosting sites running fast and smooth. With 5000+ Dell brand servers and 5 separate fiber lines, its bandwidth exceeds 150,000 MBits. By supporting the latest PHP 5, MySQL 5 and SSL, it also increases WordPress security greatly. Besides, it provides 99.9% uptime to back up the WordPress service.

BlueHost or GoDaddy – Loading Speed

The speed of a site reflects the hosting performance well. BlueHost is outstanding for the fast loading speed. The server is responsive in 0.32s averagely, and keeps 99.9% hosting uptime in the past 12 months. In fact, we have 2 sites hosted with BlueHost over 3 years, and we haven’t had any serious reliability and security issues.

Meanwhile, GoDaddy web hosting loads slow – taking more than 0.7s for a response to a page request, approximately 145% slower than on BlueHost.

BlueHost or GoDaddy – Support

BlueHost provides professional 24×7 US customer service via telephone, live chat and email. The support staffs are all hosting experts who are professional, knowledgeable and effective. However, GoDaddy doesn’t offer live chat support that is inconvenient to online operation. Unlike BlueHost offers comprehensive information online via video tutorials, knowledgebase, FAQs and Furum, GoDaddy just has a user forum.

On the other hand, compared to GoDaddy 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, BlueHost is confident to provide ANYTIME money back guarantee that you can worry freely about your purchase on BlueHost.

BlueHost or GoDaddy – Customer Satisfaction Rate

For web hosting service, BlueHost has earned a perfect reputation in communities. It is trusted by millions of customers.

As we learned from the 845 BlueHost reviews at BestHostingSearch, approximately 99.6% customers are satisfied with the hosting service. However, we can see many negative reviews or complaints about GoDaddy on the internet.

On the other side, we have only received 22 GoDaddy reviews so far. The 8 reviews are positives, and the left ones are neutral or negative, as below.

Conclusion – Go With BlueHost

Based on the advantages and excellent hosting service, BlueHost is the winner obviously. We highly recommend you going with BlueHost for the personal and small business websites. However, if you need a domain name or SSL certificate, GoDaddy is an absolutely good choice.



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