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Blogger Review - Is Blogger a Good Platform to Start Websites

Blogger Review – Is Blogger a Good Platform to Start Websites

Blogger.com is a popular blogging application available in the market. However, with the rising of WordPress, Joomla and Drupal, is Blogger still the best choice for you to go? Under this condition, we comprehensively review Blogger.com concerning its reputation, price, features, related software and SEO friendly.

About Blogger

As one of the oldest tool used to publish blogs, Blogger.com enjoys a remarkable reputation. It is widely acknowledged that Blogger.com is the forefather of blogging websites devoting to offering the best site building service.

BloggerSince its setting up in 1999, the platform offers website service for millions of webmasters. After being purchased by Google, the company welcomes its jumping development in this field and provides better service for customers and the sign up process on the platform becomes easier. Users can login to Blogger with Google accounts like Google+, Gmail and Google Docs.


Generally speaking, price is the major concern of webmasters when choosing a website platform. Under this condition, Blogger.com offers all the service for free and ensures the quality of all the services.

However, if you intend to have your private domain name, you need to pay $10 per year. Once you have paid for that, Blogger continues to host your content and no extra fee for storage.


Blogger.com applies WYSIWYG interface which ensures users to create, publish, maintain and change their posts without writing any code or installing server software or script. The interface is extremely simple – title and content. When you want to setup a blog, just type in the title and the content, then click on publish post or just save draft. It is convenient but somehow a little ordinary, nothing special.


On the other hand, considering some people prefer designing their customized websites, Blogger also allows experienced users to design their website interface and offers detailed information as well as guidance. Note that the process needs basic knowledge about HTLM and CSS. Thus, for beginners, Blogger simple interface is the only choice.


Blogger.com comes with a bunch of useful features, which makes it easy and comfortable to handle websites. Blogger offers unlimited amount of traffic and storage. This practice makes sure users can create as many posts as they want and no need to worry about excessive visitors. Read more features in the following list.


  • Google AdSense – Blogger.com is welcomed because it is automatically integrated with Google AdSense to allow users to put advertisements on posts. Accordingly, they can easily make money from their websites and content.
  • Template editing – the biggest advantage of this Blogger is that it offers powerful template editing, which makes it the best choice for webmasters who have basic knowledge about HTML & CSS.
  • Phone share – There is a button for uploading photos in the Blogger interface. You can just click that button and choose images from your computer.
  • Blogger comments – this function allows readers of your post to give comment on it all over the world. If you don’t want them, you can delete everything as you wish.

SEO Friendly

Everyone who owns a website knows the importance of SEO. Thus, when it comes to choosing a platform to build a new website, we are inclined to pick to search engine friendly ones.

As is known to all, now, Blogger.com is a part of Google and naturally, posts published through Blogger.com tends to have a good ranking record on Google. Thus, Blogger is good choice in this regard.

Related Software

Blogger cooperates with some software to offer multiple channels for users to write or publish posts.

  • Blogger for Word – Add a toolbar in Microsoft Word and users can edit articles in Word and publish it on Blogger immediately. With this tool, you can edit your post whether you are online or offline.
  • Software

  • Email – If you have trouble logging into your Blogger, you can publish posts through a bound email.
  • Google File – Google File is available for Blogger and users can firstly edit posts on Google file and then release them on Blogger websites.
  • Picasa – Picasa offers an image share tool named as Hello which can be integrated with Blogger and Gmail. The tool permits users to paste images to their posts, thus publishing images becomes an easy task.


In view of what we have written, Blogger.com is a reliable and trustworthy website platform to begin your websites either it is for personal share or business promotion. Note that the tool fails to offer tracking tools. If you want one, you need to download it yourself.


Lucy has been a very experienced SEOer, technical writer, web developer, c# developer since 2002. Now she owns a startup in San Francisco, CA, focusing on running a couple of blogs to share knowledge and experience with global readers and deliver exceptional results to global sponsors by leveraging the power of Internet.