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How to Block the Disposable Email Accounts in WordPress to Stop Spam

How to Block the Disposable Email Accounts in WordPress to Stop Spam

Recently, we have received many complaints from our readers that they have been bothered a lot by spams in WordPress. In our experience, one of the effective ways to stop the spam registrations and comments on WordPress sites is to block disposable email accounts.

Before we show you the procedures step by step, we will introduce what disposable email accounts are and why you should block them on your WordPress site at first.

About Disposable Email Accounts

Many WordPress sites, like online discussion forums, blogs and websites, allow visitors to register a user account with their email address. Clicking the link sent by WordPress in their email, they can verify the registration then perform more operations, for example, posting comments on the WordPress sites.

However, spammers found a way to deal with the situation through disposable email accounts. Disposable email accounts, also temporary email addresses, allow people to register accounts and receive confirmation emails at a temporary fake address only for a short duration.

As a result, a fake user account is created, which is unacceptable for WordPress owners. In this way, a spammer can even register countless email accounts, which will do harm to your WordPress site, for example, making the spam comments on the site. What’s worse, you cannot get in touch with them.

Naturally, a question came to your mind that how to block disposable email accounts. With the use of some plugins, you can significantly reduce the number of spammers who want to register user accounts with temporary email addresses. Here a useful plugin is recommended: Ban Hammer.

Block the Disposable Email Accounts in WordPress with Ban Hammer

Ban Hammer is a completely free plugin designed for blocking disposable email accounts. Following our guide, you can take full advantage of it.

Step 1: Install and activate Ban Hammer.

Logging on to the admin account of your WordPress site, you can input “Ban Hammer” at the pool of plugins. Then download and activate the plugin. In our test, it only costs a really short time to accomplish the first step.

Installation of Ban Hammer

Step 2: Configure the plugin.

    • Personalize the error message. In this page, you can customize the message to work as a reminder. If visitors use disposable email addresses to register user accounts, the message box will be displayed to them.

Disposable Email Error Message

    • Copy the email addresses. There is a list of the most commonly used burner email addresses on GitHub. From the page, you have access to these emails for free.

Disposable Email Addresses at GitHub

    • Paste the text under the blacklist emails. Certainly, if you have other emails and domains, you can also add them into the blacklist.

Disposable Email Accounts Blacklist

Step 3: Update your options.

This is an important step in the entire process. After you have configured the plugin, remember to submit your configuration. Then the plugin will work according to your settings. Users with the blacklisted emails will not be allowed to register on your WordPress site.

Disposable Email Message Box

After our detailed introduction of the three steps above, you will learn how to block disposable email accounts to stop spam through the Ban Hammer plugin. Admittedly, there exist other solutions to handle the situation. Here we select an easy and effective one in our tutorial. We sincerely hope that you are able to master the method through this article.


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