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Bisend VS GoDaddy on WordPress Hosting

Bisend VS GoDaddy on WordPress Hosting

Much time which has been taken to search for a good web host will probably result in the final decision between Bisend and GoDaddy. There are enough reasons which make the two web hosts a popular choice for a large number of webmasters. To avoid making a wrong choice, it is advisable for you to collect much information from this Bisend VS GoDaddy comparison.

The big influence a provider brings to their hosted websites should draw your attention. Limited to the knowledge of evaluating a web host, however, you will wonder where to start. At this moment, you have no need to think about that because you can follow our steps to reveal the fact. From what we have reviewed for their WordPress hosting, an early conclusion can be drawn that Bisend outweighs the opponent. Below chart is an overall reflection of what advantages Bisend has over GoDaddy.

Rating Bisend GoDaddy
Price 5 5
Feature 4 4
Uptime 5 4.5
Speed 5 3
Support 4.5 2.5
Read Review Bisend Review GoDaddy Review

Similarities between Bisend and GoDaddy

Affordable hosting plans

Since shared hosting has the largest user base in the market, we take it as the best example to show more pricing details. Discounts are according to the plan and the billing cycle you choose from the two web hosts.

With the selection of Standard plan from Bisend, you can receive up to 64% discounts and only need as low as $2.95/mo. This promo Link will save Bisend users much money to purchase a solution for their WordPress website. Also, the Economy plan provided by GoDaddy can be as affordable as $2.99/mo after a 62% discount.

Price Information Bisend GoDaddy
Plan in Review Standard Economy
Billed Quarterly $7.99/mo
Billed Annually $4.95/mo $4.49/mo
Billed Binnienlly $3.95/mo $3.99/mo
Billed Triennienlly $2.95/mo $2.99/mo
Conclusion Promo Link

Good control panel

With either of them, an easy using experience can be guaranteed through their use of Plesk and cPanel. Both control panels have an intuitive interface where users can manage their domains, files, databases, and more easily. Popular scripts like WordPress can be installed through a few clicks. In a word, both deserve the high reputation among webmasters.

High hosting uptime

Under normal circumstances, a web host will have trouble keeping their users with constant downtime. After all, what efforts users have made to come out quality content will be in vain because of the failure to deliver that to visitors. Uninterrupted power system, air condition control, security measures, and more are used for the minimization of hosting downtime.

Below chart are the Bisend uptime records we take in the past 30 days. The useful monitoring tool, Pindom, enables us to get the detailed statistics. So we are able to check the authenticity of customer feedbacks on the Internet.


GoDaddy Edges over Bisend

More server resources

Features included with each plan are the main causes for their pricing differences. With the aim to provide the best possible hosting service, both Bisend and GoDaddy charge more for those who have the demand for more disk space, bandwidth, and so forth. In addition to the above information, their feature offerings can be clearer through the further explanations.

Standard Plan (Bisend): 1 website, 10 GB disk space, 50 GB bandwidth, and 50 email accounts.
Economy Plan (GoDaddy): 1 website, 100 GB disk space, unlimited bandwidth, and 1 email account.

It can be seen from the comparison that GoDaddy has shown more generosity to their users. At the same time, GoDaddy users are given more room to grow their website with the release of dedicated servers.

Bisend Edges over GoDaddy

Better features

The integration of free backup service and SSL certificates makes Bisend distinguish itself from GoDaddy. On one hand, GoDaddy charges additional money for the provision of backup service. On the other hand, the most advanced plan is your only choice when you have the need for free SSL certificate. Regular backups will rescue you from data loss and SSL certificates will secure your online transactions.

More security measures

Security should deserve your high attention due to the close relationship with your website accessibility. Both web hosts and users have their own responsibilities to guard a website. GoDaddy has created a security team who is 24/7 monitoring suspicious activity and fighting against DDoS attacks. However, Bisend takes more measures to increase the level of website security, such as, Hotlink protection, FTP over https, and more.

Faster speed

Visitors will not have a good impression on a website which needs a long time to load each page. The result is that they will land on another page where contains their wanted information. On the basis of our monitoring, it is obvious that GoDaddy has not understood the importance of speed. The average server response time is as long as 784ms, in sharp contrast to that of Bisend.


Better technical support

A further exploration needs to be made, though both web hosts claim to provide 24/7 technical support. We cannot rule out the possibility that you are cheated by such sweet words. Our personal tests suggest that Bisend takes users more seriously.

On the GoDaddy official website, we fail to find where we can start a live chat. In the meantime, the phone support comes with some limitations on areas or time. Thus it is not surprising that Bisend can make quicker responses through live chat. Also, the well-trained support members have our questions related to WordPress hosting professionally answered.

Wrap Up

There are more major reasons for the support of being a Bisend user. With this web host, you can be more focused on how to come out quality content and acquire SEO techniques. If you have to endure the GoDaddy slowness, this post can improve your situation to some extent.


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