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Bisend Review – Is Bisend a Good Choice for Hosting WordPress?
Bisend Review – Is Bisend a Good Choice for Hosting WordPress? 5 5

Bisend Review – Is Bisend a Good Choice for Hosting WordPress?

The Bisend review will widen your eyes to learn this web host before your purchase. Due to the complexity of investigation and ignorance of some core factors, common webmasters will have trouble making an in-depth review on this web host. This review will simplify your whole process to have a comprehensive understanding of Bisend.

Affordability, reliability, performance, security, and more should catch the eyes of webmasters. A good web host will make things much easier to create a popular website. Therefore, never be too bothered about the process to make a quick decision. Otherwise, you will be filled up with regret during your hosting journey. After all, there will be a great loss of money for the cancellation of your account after the full time period. Understanding your concerns, we conclude that Bisend deserves your choice from the following reasons.

High Hosting Security

Frankly speaking, you should put security first on the evaluation of a web host. It is hard to image what damages an attack will bring to a website. Bisend enables FTP Https, hotlink protection, customized .htaccess, 301 URL Rewrite, and directory protection on their side. In case of emergencies, the WordPress Toolkits is provided for your convenience to restore your WordPress website.

Multiple Hosting Solutions

Since the establishment in 2011, Bisend bears one goal in mind to provide affordable hosting solutions for small-to-medium sized websites. With this web host, your website can be hosted on Linux/Windows and shared server/virtual server. Since Linux shared hosting is the most popular choice for WordPress hosting, we focus our energies on uncovering the secret behind this service.

Three options are available for you to choose from Bisend: Standard, Pro, and Business. Their major differences are the allocation for server resources, the utilization of servers, and hosting charges. With 1 website, 10 GB disk space, 50 GB bandwidth, and 50 email accounts included, the minimum package is suitable for a small WordPress website. More demand for such features can be satisfied by Pro Plan and Business Plan. Besides, the more advanced plan comes with a faster server.

Plan Information

Regardless of your choice, however, Plesk control panel will help you make an easy website management. Featured with 1-click installer, it enables you to create a WordPress website within minutes. Free SSL certificate is also available for Bisend users.

Reasonable Hosting Charges

To benefit new comers, Bisend gives up to 64% discounts off the regular prices. This makes the Linux shared hosting affordable to almost all the webmasters. For example, Standard Plan originally priced from $7.99/mo just needs $2.95/mo now if new users start a 3-year subscription through this promo link. The most popular choice -Pro Plan- is available from $5.45/mo with a 51% discount off. Regardless of your choice, you can relax until the termination of 30-day full refund period.

Reliable Hosting Environment

Both beginners and developers should understand the importance of reliability to a website. The valuable content on your website will not worth a cent due to a lack of a reliable hosting environment. What takes our much time is the monitoring of their uptime records. The convenience to get real statistics are brought by the presentation of the below chart.

The past months have witnessed the Bisend ability to provide high uptime for their hosted websites. In addition to the security measures, Bisend optimizes all the Dell/Cisco servers with 24+ CPU cores, 64 GB+ memory, and more. So this is undoubtedly logical for Bisend to get high scores on the uptime.


Short Server Response Time

Pingdom is also the monitoring tool we use to monitor their server response time. The delivery of your website content should be as fast as possible in order to obtain a good using experience. That is to say, server response time should not be a cause for the slowness. It is regarded to be a good job that Bisend only needs less than 400ms server response time. The combination of word-class data centers, high performance servers, and other latest technologies results in the fast hosting environment.


Professional Technical Support

More professional support members will lighten the way to solve the issues what you face during the hosting journey. No matter how experienced you are, there is a great possibility that you have the need to seek help. Therefore, we also take over the task to check their support quality. Through our personal tests for their technical support, we have the following impression on Bisend.

  • We can find many solutions to common errors from the help center whose articles are well divided into several groups.
  • Bisend gives us multiple options to contact their support team. We can start a live chat, create an online ticket, or more.
  • Bisend not only makes quick responses to the requests we have sent to their support team but also shows their expertise for WordPress hosting.

Wrap Up

Those who are looking for a WordPress hosting provider can rest on Bisend. This web host will give you a favor to create a popular website. It is advisable to have a good start with the Bisend Linux shared hosting.


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