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Bisend Is One of Best VPS Web Hosts for Small Businesses

Bisend Is One of Best VPS Web Hosts for Small Businesses

Standing between shared server and dedicated server, VPS becomes a more and more popular choice for those who want to have a better control over their budget and server. In the market are many VPS hosting options available for webmasters to choose from. However, Bisend has been one of the best VPS web hosts for small businesses after years of efforts.

2006 is the first year when we started to review web hosts for our readers. Having accumulated rich reviewing experience, we know well what the key factors are for hosting a website on virtual physical server. The most serious concerns relate to hosting fees, feature offerings, hosting uptime, hosting speed, and technical support. From the following explanations, readers can learn the detailed reasons why Bisend stands out in the competition with many other VPS hosting providers.

Managed VPS Hosting

Under normal circumstances, most web hosts provide Linux-based VPS hosting service. It is a fact that Linux has a much larger user base than Windows. But the need for Windows platform should also be satisfied. The Plesk control panel can work well on both Linux and Windows Platform, bringing Bisend users the convenience to manage almost every aspect of their account. And they can be comforted by the professional server admin who will have their server issues solved within a short time.

Custom VPS Hosting Solutions

Bisend has four VPS plans to choose from: Starter, Standard, Business, and Superior. The billing term which users can choose ranges from 1 month to 3 years. In addition to the freedom, Bisend also allows users to customize the package size to satisfy the need without a waste of resources and money. The minimum plan covers 1 CPU core, 2 GB RAM, 40 GB disk space, and 1 M bandwidth. In a word, Bisend gives users much freedom to decide their VPS hosting plan.

New comers will have access to considerable discounts through the Promo Link. The regular prices can be reduced down to about $21.5/mo for those who send the 3-year payment in advance.

VPS Plan

Rich VPS Features

The free website building tools and 1-click script installer will remove the obstacles which get in the way to start a VPS website. Then the intuitive control panel- Plesk- will help users make website management with ease. And all the online transactions in the Bisend VPS are under the protection of free SSL certificates. What’s more, Bisend users will benefit a lot from the automatic backup and restore service if their hosted websites should be attacked.

High Hosting Uptime

A 99.9% uptime guarantee is on the Bisend official website. It turns out to be true with the analysis of the uptime statistics we get from a monitoring tool. When conditions are ripe, success to provide a reliable hosting environment will come.

On one hand, the servers are protected with MagicSpam integration, firewall settings, DDoS protection, Rootkit, and more. On the other hand, redundant network and cloud technology work together to deliver the best possible uptime. In the past month, Bisend even surprises us with the average of 99.99% uptime.

Bisend Uptime

Fast Page Loading Speed

In fact, all the servers are also optimized for the delivery of faster speed. 32GB+ RAM, Dual processors, and the latest SSD RAID-10 storage make each Bisend server answer requests within a shorter time. Apart from that, a multi-level network infrastructure has been created for the purpose of obtaining a faster using experience from visitors.

What we have monitored lives up to the Bisend efforts on the aspect of speed. Pingdom is also the monitoring tool we use to have a closer look at the hosting performance. The below chart suggests the Bisend ability to deliver the average of less than 400ms server response time. The speed records are competitive among the web hosts we have reviewed since 2006.

Bisend Speed

Truly 24/7 Technical Support

The feedbacks from our editors and real customers count for much, though Bisend has made a public announcement of providing 24/7 technical support. A conclusion can be drawn from the collection of valuable feedbacks that Bisend has built a solid US-based support team. Those who have a high expectation for support quality can trust Bisend.

The knowledgebase contains some online resources to the VPS-related problems. At the same time, multiple communication channels have been created between Bisend users and the support team: live chat, ticket system, and email. In our experience, live chat should be the first choice when Bisend users are in emergency situations. Compared to other contact methods, it will be answered within 5 seconds.

Wrap Up

The good reputation Bisend has not only lies in the quality shared hosting service but also comes from the great ability to deliver the best possible VPS hosting. At this moment, readers should have a good understanding of the reasons why Bisend deserves much trust on VPS hosting. It is advisable to have a good start with Bisend.


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