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The Best Premium WordPress Wiki Themes for Knowledgebase

The Best Premium WordPress Wiki Themes for Knowledgebase

It is normal for any business or organization when creating a website along with a knowledge base in order for their audience and visitors to get educated about their product or company. Most sites setup both an FAQ section and ‘About Us’ tab. It helps answer the normally asked questions by clients. Adding a database can be done by coding stuff and also can be done by using some themes. In fact, there are plenty of related themes online and all offer distinctive options and services that different clients might need.

The following WordPress wiki themes usually offer fabulous features that help in the creation of knowledge base, wiki or FAQ sites.

KnowledgeBase Wiki

Website: http://themeforest.net/item/knowledge-base-wiki-faq-wordpress-theme/3434096

It is a brilliant choice for anyone looking to set up a Wiki-type informational site. It presents a clean design to the public and has a lot of features that allow the developer to customize as much as he wants. These features help any webmaster to set up an informational site which is precisely designed for the targeted clients without the need to deal with the technical hitches. It has a responsive system which has a fully integrated Twitter Bootstrap, HTML5 and CSS3 technology. This theme provides a strong character with styles making it the best fit to showcase the fun side of the company.

KnowledgeBase Wiki

Website: http://themeforest.net/item/knowhow-a-wordpress-knowledge-basewiki-theme/2813111
It is a hugely preferred premium WordPress theme used to build the knowledge base websites, which is full of informational content. It has a responsive system and also plenty of other cool features. This theme helps to create a site that is interactive easily and also contains the required tools to create an online resource center to be used by the users. The presence of AJAX-powered live search helps in providing real-time responses to client queries. It also has built-in color pickers, shortcodes and plenty more features.



Website: http://www.mojo-themes.com/item/docs-responsive-documentation-wordpress-theme/

It is a WordPress knowledge base, which allows customizing the database containing articles and information. It also provides an FAQ system which is very easy to be understood and used. It also has an integrated “quick edit’ link in each page. It has five different colors making it easy to fit a certain style and brand.


WP Knowledge Base

Website: http://ipanelthemes.com/kb/wp-knowledge-base-theme/

It is an excellent knowledge base in wiki-type site that offers a good solution to support customers. It allows the owner to add personal support forums powered by bbPress forum plugin. It also has a built-in Twitter Bootstrap and can perfectly fit in both small and big screens for the mobile devices. It also has an AJAX live search to provide quick answers to the client questions. It is built to allow for SEO.

wp Knowledge Base


Website: https://wrapbootstrap.com/theme/nowknow-knowledge-base-wordpress-theme-WB0NKM7B4

This theme has a captivating theme layout which attracts the visitors’ attention from the world. It has a clean design that has minimal creations on the home page which allows the visitors to concentrate more on the content. The website creator also can modify the appealing design into their preferences by organizing the elements. KnowNow is a good choice to develop a knowledge base for those people with the intention of helping the clients in the search process as well as interacting effectively with them.



Website: http://www.enginethemes.com/themes/forumengine/

It is an all rounded theme which has plenty of features best suited to selling products, coming with an FAQ page and also offering informational articles. The theme is very easy to use and provides customization options. It is also possible to make to alter certain aspects of the theme without complicated coding. Built with the CSS3 and HTML5 technologies, it offers an uncluttered, elegant appearance. The theme also allows the creator to present some of his personal blogs to the site while ensuring it has the function of SEO to get good rankings on the search engines.



Website: http://www.woothemes.com/products/wikeasi/

It is a tidy theme which allows plenty of details to be placed in the site in order to offer solutions to the clients. It is bbPress integrated offering the best support and interactive platform. Its brilliant structure helps present articles that teach the users on how to use your product. You can also help set up an FAQ page and the presence of the live search feature powered by AJAX, coming with a prompt response.



Website: http://fasterthemes.com/wordpress-themes/MyWiki

It offers the best organized Help Desk, Knowledge Base and FAQ page. The clever, clean design has live search and widget area options that are set up without much technical expertise. It is SEO ready and easy to use even for the new entrants. It is appropriate for those who like a professional looking website for business support.



Website: http://www.wpexplorer.com/flatbase-knowledgebase-wordpress-theme/

It is a spectacular WordPress wiki theme which has a serviceable ticketing system. It is a great ticketing system theme which has the structure of a knowledge base website, providing a new option for the conventional wiki sites. It is the user friendly with plenty of features including a blog, Envato purchase verification and also a ticketing system. It is very powerful offering the best services for business.

Choose the most suitable WordPress theme for your WordPress website and be assured of the best services.



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