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The Best WordPress Twitter Plugins For Better Use of Twitter Platform

The Best WordPress Twitter Plugins For Better Use of Twitter Platform

After introduce some many Twitter techniques previously, we’d like to introduce some helpful WordPress Twitter plugins which are certainly going to make your Twitter experience easier. No matter if you want to add a “follow” button or you want to post regular tweets without any delay, the below explained plugins are definitely going to be your companion in need. The best thing about them is that they are highly easy to use and they do not require much effort for installation. In addition, they are easy to access as well. The following article discusses the features and uses of WordPress Twitter Plugins for you. Here is a list of best WordPress Twitter Plugins for you.

Simple Twitter Feed

Website: http://www.whiletrue.it/really-simple-twitter-feed-widget-for-wordpress/

This plugin would display recent posts from your Twitter account in a sidebar widget. It is easy to be customized. This plugin is created on the basis of Twitter API version 1.1. You would have to create Twitter application on dev.twitter.com for using this plugin. Two strings are provided by Twitter within the application. One is the consumer key and the other is the consumer secret.

Two other strings are also required including Access token and Access Token secret. Now, enter the entire string of authorization in the box of widget options and add your desirable settings of display. You can use these strings for other websites and widgets too.

Really Simple Twitter Feed Widget

WordPress to Twitter

Website: https://www.joedolson.com/wp-tweets-pro/

This helpful plugin would help you in auto-posting Twitter update when it comes to updating the blog of WordPress along with the selected shortening services of URL. In simple words, this plugin posts the tweets from WordPress to your Twitter account. It displays recent tweets. You can easily display any sort of tweets by logging in to your Twitter account with the help of this plugin.

WP to Twitter plugin provides support to customized template of tweets for upgrading and editing the pages and posts. It also provides a good support to custom post types. It further allows you to write customized tweet for every post with the help of customized template tags for generating the copy of tweets.

It further uses tags in the form of Twitter hashtags. It makes use of alternative URLs in the place of permalinks. It has a strong support for Google Analytics XMLRPC clients.

WP to Twitter


Website: http://bestwebsoft.com/products/twitter/

If you want to add “Like” or “Follow” button in your Twitter platform, then Twitter Plugin would be perfect for you. You can not only add these two buttons very easily, but can also choose the position of these buttons. In addition, this plugin would also allow you to use a standard button or you can either replace the button with an image as well. This plugin can be easily updated.


Bootstraps CSS

Website: https://wordpress.org/plugins/wordpress-bootstrap-css/

This is a JavaScript and CSS framework which helps you in improving the website design and its functions easily. The plugin can work with all themes of WordPress. It does not require any sort of programming too.

It is customizable with built in LESS compiler. It makes use of shortcodes for adding Twitter Bootstrap elements into your website. You can also add your customized CSS reset files with the help of this plugin. In addition, it contains an option of adding JavaScript to the content.

WordPress Twitter Bootstraps CSS

Mobile Toolbar

Website: https://wordpress.org/plugins/mobile-sharing-toolbar/

This plugin would add social share button to the mobile website. This way, you would be able to share the content on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+. These buttons are specifically displayed on the mobile devices and they do not have any impact on the browsing website.

The plugin allows you to display the sharing button in two different layouts.

Mobile Sharing Toolbar

WordPress Twitter Feeds

Website: https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-twitter-feeds/

It is a very simple Twitter feeds widget which helps you in displaying the Twitter tweets on the website with the help of recent Twitter APO. This simple widget would help you in adding the tweet in the areas of widget. Now, you do not have to copy and paste the codes from Twitter. You just have to install this plugin and then set up the options. This plugin would help you in defining the fade effect’s duration and the number of tweets to be seen.

The plugin is very easy to install. It does not require the Twitter password as it is created on the basis of Open Authentication secrets and keys. You can obtain these keys by creating an application on Twitter. It makes use of the desired data from API.

WP Twitter Feeds

Twitter Widget Pro

Website: https://wordpress.org/plugins/twitter-widget-pro/

This is a widget that handles your Twitter feeds incorporating usernames, URLs in links and hashtags in a proper way. It shows a strong support when it comes to displaying images. It further allows you to control if you want to display the date or time of the tweet.

Twitter Widget Pro

Twitter Tools

Website: https://wordpress.org/plugins/twitter-tools/

This plugin co-integrates with your Twitter account with the help of several functions. It can easily connect with variant accounts of Twitter. It archives your tweets. It also helps you in creating a blog post from your tweets. It further helps you in creating a tweet on Twitter whenever you post, along with a link to your post.

This WordPress plugin requires connection to your Twitter account; therefore, you do not have to create any application on Twitter for using this plugin.

Twitter Tools

Simple Twitter Tweets

Website: https://wordpress.org/plugins/simple-twitter-tweets/

It is a simple widget which helps in displaying the Twitter tweets with the help of Twitter OAth and API. It also creates a backup and displays your tweets always. The plugin requires a very simple set up. It does not require your Twitter account passwords. It even works when your Twitter is not activated and is working down.

Simple Twitter Tweets


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