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Best WordPress Table Plugins for Adding Tables in Site

Best WordPress Table Plugins for Adding Tables in Site

WordPress is undoubtedly powerful and functional, with which you can build and manage your website with ease. However, there are still somethings that it cannot do, and table creation is one of them.

To be honest, table is a critical feature as it can sort and present the important information with an organized and clear format. Professional webmasters can create it by editing HTML or CSS inthe posts manually, but how about beginners who lack this kind of knowledge? Here, we have listed some user-friendly WordPress table plugins that help newbies add tables easily.

Pricing Table Ready


This plugin allows you to generate, publish, and manage the CSS pricing table or comparison table on WordPress pages or posts in an easy way. It has an easy to use table generator, along with five different table templates so you can choose your most favorite style for your website or blog. Besides, it also supports drag and drop columns, unlimited columns and rows, and different styles for any pricing gird.

WordPress Table Plugin - Pricing Table Ready

IND CSS3 Pricing Table


With this WordPress plugin, you can create an unlimited number of pricing tables in your website. The options for colors, columns, and rows are unlimited, so the tables are totally in your hands. There are 3 different styles you can choose from, coming with all the Google fonts available. In addition, you can specify the width of your table from admin area, and locate it at anywhere you want.

WordPress Table Plugin - IND CSS3 Pricing Table

Easy Pricing Tables


Just as the name suggests, this plugin is very user-friendly, helping you set up and publish your pricing table in less than 5 minutes, with no coding knowledge required. It works well with any WordPress themes, so there is no need to worry about compatibility issues. Besides, it has an intuitive user interface, with which you can create unlimited rows and up to 10 columns; customize the font, color pickers and rounded borders; feature and reorder your most popular columns.

WordPress Table Plugin - Easy Pricing Tables



TablePress is the refined product of WP-Table Reloaded,enabling you to create and manage tablesinto your posts, pages, or in text widgets, without the need to write HTML code. You can edit any type of table datawith the help of an easy to understand interface. Also, it offers an additional JavaScript library, with which you can add valuable functions like sorting, pagination, filtering, and more for your website readers.


Easy Table


Easy Table is another powerful WordPress plugin that helps you insert tables into your posts or pages in an easy way. It utilizes the standard CSV format to generate table data, so you can simply type the data while you are writing, and don’t need to switch to another window or click any toolbar button. In terms of table design, this plugin use Twitter CSS bootstrap for a fancy appearance.

WordPress Table Plugin - Easy Table

Open Table Widget


This plugin makes it easy to create tables within your WordPress websites, coming with the Twitter bootstrap date picker, a lightweight and customizable jQuery time picker, and an intuitive user interface. Besides, this plugin includes a lot of helpful tooltips, videos, textual tutorials, and detailed documentation, so you can get it up and running easily and quickly.

WordPress Table Plugin - Open Table Widget

Pricer Ninja


This is a super powerful WordPress plugin that helps you add the beautiful pricing tables to your website with ease. The tables built by this plugin are totally responsive, which can be presented properly at any viewing devices such as smart phones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers. This means a perfect reading experience for people viewing your website in any ways.

WordPress Table Plugin - Pricer Ninja


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