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Best WordPress Subscription Plugins - Help You Integrate Subscription System Easily

Best WordPress Subscription Plugins – Help You Integrate Subscription System Easily

There are a large number of WordPress plugins available within different categories to help you achieve different goals. Recently, we have already shared a lot of useful options as WordPress SEO plugins and WordPress security plugins. In this post, we’d like to share the best WordPress subscription plugins.

Many times when we enter a popular website, there is a special application window appeared automatically requiring us to enter the name, e-mail address, or phone number for the website subscription. If we finish the process and submit an application, then we can be informed whenever the website owner has added something new to the site. This kind of subscription system simply allows your loyal readers to figure out every update happened on your website easily, and to go for your new words in the first time.

Honestly speaking, website subscription is great to expand your reader base and to better service for your existing readers. Therefore, we simply list some great tools in the following helping you integrate the subscription system to your website with ease.

BuddyPress Group Email Subscription

BuddyPress Group Email Subscription

BuddyPress Group Email SubscriptionThis is a wonderful subscription plugin that allows your website subscribers to get notifications via e-mail for website update. You can choose to send the weekly summaries for the new posts, to send daily message about the daily website activity, or to send the notification email whenever the new topics are added. You are free to choose how to inform your readers of the update. Note that the weekly summary message includes the titles of all new posts, and the daily digest can be sent every morning about the last day’s activity.

Feedburner Email Subscription

FeedBurner Email Subscription

Feedburner Email SubscriptionBy making use of Feedburner email subscription, your readers can keep in touch with your content feed tightly and easily. This plugin takes advantage of the RSS driven service offered by Feedburner, making it easy to fetch the update happened on your site and to send an update message to your subscribers. Some of the key features and highlights include no admin panel needed, customizable options, extensive widget settings, custom feed links, button text, and the support from Twitter Bootstrap, etc.

GovDelivery Subscription Creation


GovDelivery Subscription CreationThis WordPress plugin utilizes the subscription process offered by GovDelivery Communications Cloud. With it, you can integrate a sign-up button with your website that can appear automatically each time when people visit your website. Note that this plugin provides you with multiple customization chances. For instance, you can decide all the labels, and can choose the subscription navigation among three options.

MediaPass Subscription


MediaPass SubscriptionThis plugin is the only subscription option allowed by WordPress.com – the largest and the most popular WordPress platform on the web. If you build your site using the self-hosted WordPress host, this plugin is also a great option for subscription integration about blog posts and website activities. It allows the easy management for the subscription page, and makes use of the WYSIWYG technology for paywall. With this plugin, you can keep an eye on the growing pace of your loyal readers, and allows them to integrate with your site easily.

Emailing Subscription

Emailing Subscription

Emailing SubscriptionJust as the name suggests, this WordPress plugin is used for email subscription. It creates a simple but well-designed subscription form for your website, collecting subscribers online effectively. Note that you can add the special form at anywhere you want in the template.

To be honest, as compared with other subscription plugins we have listed here, this one is pretty easy to use, allowing you to start your subscription system within minutes, and coding knowledge is required.

Subscriber to Comments Reloaded

Subscribe To Comments Reloaded

Subscriber to Comments ReloadedUnlike many other subscription plugins that mainly help website visitors keep in touch with the latest content update, this one is used to attract those who leave words on you to subscribe with you for your subsequent replies. It offers a rich featured and intuitive manager to subscription, allowing your subscribers to choose which posts to follow. In addition, this plugin includes all the features and functions of the latest version of WordPress, and does not change the core tables of WordPress installation.

Subscription Options

Subscription Options

Subscription OptionsThis plugin makes it easy to attach the subscription icons on your site for RSS feed, email, and Twitter – the most popular channels for website subscription. With this plugin, you can place a lot of subscription icons in the sidebar area or in the widget section, allowing readers to follow your update in a way they wish. There is a wide range of subscription range available, with which you can choose your preferred ones and show these icons with the colors you like.

Simple Subscribe


Simple SubscribeThis is a standard and user-friendly subscription plugin that is great for WordPress beginners. It allows you to add a subscription form as a shortcode or a widget, and at anywhere you want within your website. In addition to the email address, this plugin also allows you collect the names, locations, interests, and ages for subscribers, helping you have a better understanding of your targeted readers. Besides, this tool allows your subscribers to unsubscribe some posts or digests, giving them great freedom for message receiving.


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