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Best WordPress Schedule Plugin for Appointment and Reservation

Best WordPress Schedule Plugin for Appointment and Reservation

Have you ever been caught in a chaotic state when developing your website? Absolutely, most webmasters have always been in such an awkward situation in the beginning. However, for some people are running a business website, they should know how to schedule their business properly and develop the sites orderly.

In this situation, we suggest you to make use of a WordPress plugin to manage your website. In addition to the plugins featuring booking, calendar and even management, the WordPress schedule plugin can also be a good option for scheduling appointment, works and some other plans or activities. Here, we list the best 8 options for you to schedule your website.

WP Missed Schedule

WP Missed Schedule is designed for republish the future posts which are failed to publish on time, which is able to publish 10 items simultaneously on each session in every 10 minutes. This plugin aims at reducing the CPU load so that it doesn’t take up too many resources on your website. What’s more, it also works well with a WordPress blog when being used as a CMS.

WP Missed Schedule

Weekly Schedule

Weekly Schedule, as its name suggests, enables users to schedule weekly events. All the items are displayed in a table form, making it clear to view each event on one page. For some people probably forget what they’ve scheduled, this plugin allows them to add a description to each event that is shown in a tooltip. To make the schedules orderly, the items can be divided into different categories, which help you spot what you search for in the shortest time.

weekly schedule

WP Scheduled Posts

WP Scheduled Posts is especially used for WordPress post schedule by using an admin bar and dashboard widget, with which you can display all the scheduled posts and take full control over them. And now, users can enjoy several new features added to this plugin, including a brand new interface and the ability to control the date time structure as you want, which is more user-friendly than the previous version.

 wp scheduled posts

Content Scheduler

Content Scheduler is a super useful plugin for people who need to regularly update the web content but don’t have enough time to do it as required. You can schedule when to expire a post and replace it. When the scheduling content has expired, it is changed automatically based on the reservation. The replaced content is moved to the trash. This plugin will send to you a notification once finishing a task.

content scheduler

Event Calendar/Scheduler

Event Calendar/Scheduler is a multi-purpose plugin featuring a nice looking and has the ability to recur events. The drag and drop interface makes it much more easy-to-use than many other schedule plugins. This Ajax-based interface looks like the Google Calendar. To make it convenient for scheduling a mass of events or appointments, this plugin allows users to add a list of upcoming items to a side bar and set the date by dragging the event boxes.

event calendar scheduler


Schedulicity is one of the most popular WordPress schedule plugins in this field, for it has helped people schedule over 35 million events or appointments since it is released. However, it is only available to users in U.S and Canada. To make the schedule stylish, this plugin features 2 widget styles and 3 button styles. Users can determine whether to use a widget, a button or both of them.

schedulicity online appointment booking

Automatic Post Publishing Scheduler

Automatic Post Publishing Scheduler makes every control over the post precisely and orderly, making it possible for you to schedule posts like a boss. Only if you schedule the publishing time on each post beforehand, this scheduler will publish those post punctually without going wrong. And also, setting the publishing time is not a big mess because you can complete it in an intuitive interface easily and quickly.

automatic post publishing scheduler


TimePicks is a powerful schedule plugin providing you with all possibilities, with which you can schedule business, synchronize external calendars, decrease no shows and more. Once your clients booking appointment on the website, you will receive an appointment notification immediately and deal with it in real-time. This plugin effectively minimize no shows and increase the customer’s satisfaction on your business.

timepicks online appointment booking and scheduling


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